4 Cork Fabric Projects!

4 Cork Fabric Projects!

We have so many amazing entries each month from our Cork Club members participating in the Cork Club Contest! We decided to make a blog post showcasing all of the exceptional contest entries we receive each month! This month each participant chose to feature the new Argyle Cork fabric and we can't wait to show you what they made! Read below to get inspired with what you can make with Cork Fabric

First up we have This stunning Hobo Handbag created by Danielle! She created this pattern with Argyle Cork Fabric from Sallie Tomato! The deep purple tones in the body of the bag really make the patterned cork fabric pop! 

Up next, we have this beautiful, colorful wallet, sewn by Sheree! This pattern features our Argyle & Rustic Sunstone Cork Fabric! This wallet is the perfect size to hold your cards and cash! We love the way she coordinated both the cork fabrics to make this wallet stand out! 

Our third entry was this stunning looking crossbody bag! The Argyle Cork Fabric is used as the statement fabric paired with the Rustic Sunstone Cork Fabric! We are loving the way these two fabrics look together! The bright orange color of the Sunstone cork really makes the deep cohesive colors come together in the Argyle cork!

Our last and final entry was the winning entry this month! Rhonda created this effortless Beginner Tote! This pattern is beginner friendly and a great staple to have in your bag collection! The cork pairing again looks absolutely breathtaking just; like the ones we have seen above! Congratulations Rhonda! We hope you enjoy your Sallie Tomato Gift Card! 

If you are interested in sewing with cork or want to be eligible to win a $100 Sallie Tomato Gift Card, join the club here! To enter the contest, create a pattern with cork & upload it to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #corkclubcontest. If your accounts are private, email your submission to info@sallietomato! Entries for August's contest are due August 14th! We can't wait to see what you create! Happy Sewing! :)

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