September Cork Club Contest!

September Cork Club Contest!

Welcome to a new form of our September Cork Club Contest! Unfortunately, we are still unable to post pictures on our Facebook Page, so we have decided to create a blog for our most recent Cork Club Contest! This contest is for September! We will be voting on entries sent in from 8/15 - 9/15! If you entered at a later date, your creation will be entered into our October Contest on 10/15 on our new Facebook page! 

How it works!

For this contest, each entry is numbered! To vote, all you have to do is comment which number is your favorite! We have so many amazing entries this month and are excited for you to see them! Thank you for your patience and support! 

Let's get started! :)

Comment below which number is your favorite to vote! If you are interested in winning a $100 Salie Tomato Gift Card, join the club & upload your cork creation to social media tagging our platforms! Instagram: @sallietomatopatterns Facebook: @sallietomatoofficial. Use the hashtag #corkclubcontest to enter! Entries for October are due 10/15! Join the club Cork Club! Happy voting! 


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  • Christie Bell

    I like 6. The pink fringe is a nice touch for that cork.

  • Judi


  • Jennifer P


  • Mindy


  • Sue


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