New Futuristic Pattern, Cloud!

New Futuristic Pattern, Cloud!

Step into the radiant tapestry of the future, where fashion transcends the boundaries of the ordinary and embraces a world of limitless imagination. In this kaleidoscope of style and innovation, the very essence of what we wear becomes a canvas for the avant-garde, a playground for the daring, and a medium for self-expression that knows no bounds. Travel into the future with our 2050's inspired pattern of the month, Cloud

This bag has a dream-like appearance which resembles 'puffy' atmospheric clouds. Gathers create fullness, supported by the interior structure. This bag also features our new, wooden handles. A practical slip pocket & secure zipper pocket allow for easy organization! 
We have different kit variants for this gorgeous pattern! The first is our Morris Meadow mystery cotton! A beautiful floral print design that is perfect to add a pop of color to any outfit! Pair with a neutral-colored sweater, jeans and some booties for a chic look! 
Next, we have our Lite Faux Leather kit. This leather is so soft and durable! It creates a slick design for any pattern! We would style this with an all-white look (especially if you're a bride!), some sparkly boots & the bag for an added texture! We also love this with tan top and wide legged trousers for the office! 
Thanks for traveling through time with us and our newest Time Warp Series pattern, Cloud! Be sure to tag us at @sallietomatopatterns on Instagram and @sallietomatooffical on Facebook if you make any of these kits! Happy Sewing! 

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