Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Enjoy 4 Surprise Projects That Are "Sew" Simple!

We're inviting you to celebrate the warmth of the holidays a little bit early with us! Put on your favorite comfy holiday socks, sip a cup of cocoa, and snuggle up to your sewing machine & computer to join us for a very special event! 

Our "Christmas in July” event starts now and goes through Monday. This special event features a bundle that contains everything you need to create FOUR patterns, which will make great gifts or décor for your home this Holiday season! Mark your calendars, and start the countdown with us as we will release FREE videos for you to sew-along with us to create these projects. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here to sew along with us for each pattern as the videos are released! Or scroll down to see the videos here!

Welcome in the sleigh bells for this joyous event! It still may be warm outside, and not snowy yet - but there's lots to get excited about with these special projects and video tutorials!

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