Around the World: Your Travel Itinerary Through Australia!

Around the World: Your Travel Itinerary Through Australia!

We've created an itinerary for you to enjoy this trip "Around the World" in its entirety! We're going to explore new landmarks together for the entire year, so get ready! Whether it's a place you've never heard of before, or one of the 7 Wonders of the World, we're going to find out together, and visit iconic destinations every month!

In the month of February, we're in one of the most beautiful regions of the world, that's both a country and continent: Australia!

Aye, mates - check it out! We've complied a list of some killer spots and points of interest, and highlights you can add to your travel wish list! DOWNLOAD THE FREE WISCONSIN ITINERARY RECOMMENDATIONS HERE!

1. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, Australia.

You can't go to Australia without seeing some of the most beloved animals there! Meet a koala, hand-feed kangaroos, marvel at the playful platypus, and enjoy a full daily schedule of keeper talks and activities, including Sheep Dog Show and Wild Lorikeet Feeding, and more!

2. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia.

One of the most iconic buildings in the world – the Sydney Opera House is an architectural masterpiece and vibrant performance space. It's a place where the past shapes the future, where conventions are challenged and cultures are celebrated. Step inside and discover the stories that make the Opera House so inspiring. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a first-timer or an aficionado, the Sydney Opera House has something for everyone!

3. Mount Wellington, Victoria, Australia.

Who wouldn't love tall, beautiful mountain ranges a part of their Aussie experience? This historical mountain that's just over 5,000 feet tall is known for its drop-dead gorgeous scenic lookouts, offering a view of the expansive country below. This mountain is a part of the Great Dividing Range, in the Avon Wilderness area. Get your four-wheel drive vehicles ready, and make your way up this scenic mountain for breathtaking views.

4. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Australia.

We're feeling all of the tropical vibes with this pristine, golden sandy beach! Swaying palms and lots of sand await at this popular tourist attraction - large events and parties are often held on this beach, and magnificent wildlife can be found in these turquoise waters!

5. Popular Deserts!

Perhaps one of the first things that comes to mind when you envision Australia, is the "outback." Pictured below is Great Victoria Desert - just look at that sand against the blue sky! It's no wonder these places are on everyone's bucket list!

6. Australian Zoo, Queensland, Australia.

Crikey! If you love nature & all things wild, you've got to visit the famous Australian Zoo - operated by the Irwin family. Steve Irwin dedicated his life to teaching others all about animals, and how important they all are. His legacy lives on and prospers in this zoo filled with exotic animals from all over the world!

7. Pony Dining The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia.

This is a modern-Aussie restaurant situated near the water nestled between Surry Hills & North Sydney. The wide open nature of the restaurant gives this space a very authentic feel, with wonderful Australian dishes. Mmm, just look at their menu!

This world is so big, and there's SOOO much more to see and do that we could go over, but we wanted to introduce you to some of Australia's most famous landmarks and highlights! If you like what you've read so far, we invite you to check out the full list of places to go, and things to do in Australia! Go to the land Down Under, and marvel at all of it's beauty! We hope you enjoyed this "trip" to Australia! HOOROO!

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