Around the World: DIY Asian Tablescape + A New Tea Cozy Pattern!

Around the World: DIY Asian Tablescape + A New Tea Cozy Pattern!

Kon'nichiwa, sewing friends!

Sallie Tomato's “Around the World” series brought us to the magnificent, vast region of Asia this month. With all of the "traveling" we've been doing, we have taken a deep-dive into the area of the world we're visiting, and have attempted to completely immerse ourselves within the common practices, and lifestyles from all over the world.

The region of Asia is comprised of 48 different countries: each with their own unique cultural practices and traditions. We wanted to incorporate our favorite activity into these countries and their common practices to feel more connected to all of you! What better way to do that this month than to have an Asian-themed tea party?

Get “sewcializing” and bond over these delightful patterns that you can make for tea time + enjoy the FREE videos on our social media pages, as well as our YouTube Channel. For this special occasion, we even put together Limited Edition Kits for you (scroll down to link to the Kits) and your "party" to enjoy, to fully embrace the beautiful, amazing Asian cultures throughout the world. 

We'd like you to meet three patterns (Kits available for all below) that work wonderfully on this tablescape.

Welcoming, the BRAND NEW Cora pattern: a tea cozy cover that will make your teaparties one-of-a-kind, the adorable, "sweet" Citrus Coasters, and the convenient, reversible Billie Basket!

All three of these patterns are a must on your new Tablescape! Make them your own, and coordinate with the colors and new accent pieces in your home for the ultimate look! Where do you find goodies like ours, you ask?

To complete our tablescape, we took a trip to a local World Market store, and found some authentic pieces to really dress up this table. Laid on top of the Cabana fabric from this month's featured fabric collection by Rifle Paper Co., is a delicate bamboo table runner,(did you know, that Bamboo grows in over 9 different Asian countries?) as well as a Buddha statue, cherry blossom flowers & other greenery, and a gorgeous lotus tea light candle holder. Make your table your own, and see what you can incorporate on your Asian-inspired tablescape! 

It's not complete without a sweet treat! Who wouldn't want these soft, delicious treats on their table? If you've never tried Mochi before, we recommend giving it a try! This scrumptious rice cake is commonly eaten as a dessert is popular in places like Japan. The bouncy, squishy, gooey texture is similar to a marshmallow - sometimes, it's even filled with marshmallows & flavored paste. In this case, these green Mochis are filled with a Honeydew Melon paste, and a creamy marshmallow. Mmmm!

Pair all of your authentic finds with a trending metallic cutlery set, some fine china, and our Limited Edition Kits, and you're all set!

View our Limited Edition Kits for the Cora Teapot Cozy Pattern, the Billie Basket, & the Citrus Coasters all right here!

We hope you enjoyed this Blog post! Watch the step-by-step video tutorial on how we set up this breathtaking tablescape below! 

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