All Video Tutorials Are Now Free!

All Video Tutorials Are Now Free!

We have big news! Now and through 2021, all of our Online Class Videos are FREE to watch on our YouTube Channel! We want 2021 to be your most creative year yet! Now, you’ll have 24/7 access to step-by-step video guidance for many of our patterns. And don’t worry, if you already purchased one of our video tutorials in the past, send us an email with proof of purchase and we’ll give you store credit for your purchase price.

Our YouTube Video Tutorials contain corresponding descriptions that include links to just about everything you need to complete each project, including hardware and patterns! Jess follows the pattern, but also provides tips, tricks, and hacks throughout the videos. You can pause each video at any time and resume when you are ready, so you can sew along at your own pace. Be sure to comment on the video if you have any questions or any video requests!

Free Videos Include...


And so many more...

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don't miss any future videos! Also, be sure to share what you make using #sallietomato on social media. We encourage you to join our Facebook Group for additional support and inspiration!


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