A Gift Idea for Mother's Day!

A Gift Idea for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Are you always stuck on what gift to get? We are here to help! Sallie Tomato has the cutest gift that the Mothers in your life will absolutely adore. And better yet, this project is kid friendly, so along with creating a bracelet with the little ones, they will be creating a memory! You cannot get much better than that.

 Sallie Tomato offers a kit that will enable you to  get creative with faux leather and purse hardware! This project is meant to encourage you to look at faux leather and purse hardware in a new way, while making a piece of jewelry - which moms can actually see themselves wearing!

We can only imagine the stylish, matching mommy-and-me sets adorning your wrists!

This vegan material is a great alternative to leather or cork fabric due to its price point. Sallie Tomato Faux Leather is soft and pliable. Check out the tutorial to see just how easy this project is! You can find the tutorial for this project here.

Included in Kit:

  • 3 Laser Cut Floral Bracelets (1 Beige Roses, 1 Hazelnut Daisies, 1 Black Mums)
  • 3 Line 20 Snaps
  • Line 20 Snap Setter

Make a jewelry collection this Mother's Day! The Daisy Bracelet has a coordinating Pendant Necklace in our Necklace Kit! The fabric support backing consists of 50% PU, 50% Polyester. This material is about 1MM thick. Use our Snap Setter & Anvil Tool to install the snaps and our Rotary Punch to make the project come together effortlessly!

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