5 Gifts for Technology Lovers!

5 Gifts for Technology Lovers!

Welcome, tech enthusiasts and gift-givers alike! The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by stitching up projects to organize your tech accessories?  Whether you're an avid tech aficionado or on the hunt for the perfect present for the tech lover in your life, this ultimate gift guide is here to spark inspiration and excitement. Get ready to unwrap a world of innovation and find the ideal gift that will bring joy to any tech enthusiast's heart. We have five patterns that is sure to impress the techie in your life! 


The Leanne is a great pattern to hold your gadgets! Coming in three different sizes this can hold a laptop or tablet of various sizes as well as your cords to go with it! It's simple construction makes it a great beginner-friendly pattern. The magnetic snap flap closure will keep your laptop secure but can also be used as a mouse pad when the sleeve is open. 

Watch Party

This pattern is perfect for the tech lover in your life or the fitness fanatic! One watch face, three band styles, hundreds of fabric choices equal the biggest Watch Party ever! Using watchband adapters allows you to create unique watch bands to suit every occasion, every season, and any mood. Customize them to fit your loved one's personality and style! 

Morning Post

Commute with your laptop in style with The Morning Post pattern. This durable bag will give you peace of mind when carrying your device. The exterior zipper pockets are ideal for charging cords, keys, or other items that need to be accessed quickly. The soft-lined interior and foam interfacing protect your laptop from bumps and scrapes. Create this pattern for someone who is always on the go with their tech accessories & help them stay organized! 


The Smith organizer can function as an everyday essentials case, or even as a large wallet. This sleek organizer is useful for creatives, business professionals, travel enthusiasts, students, or anyone who wants to organize their tech accessories and office essentials. Carry as a clutch, or store inside a backpack, carry-on, or swap between other bags. Unfold the organizer to access a padded tablet pocket (fits 11" or smaller), cord, pen, and card holders, large pockets, and a journal holder. Customize it to your loved one's favorite colors and patterns to make this gift extra special! This one is made with our new Techno Cork Fabric!


Carry Along

The Carry Along works great for the gamer on the go! Help them stay organized and prepared for anything with three different sized pouches that are helpful to carry charging cords and battery packs! This bag has been designed with beginners in mind! 

We hope you found something to make for the technology lover in your life! Customize each of these patterns with their personality in mind! Happy Sewing! :)

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