3 Ways to Mix Modern & Vintage Style

3 Ways to Mix Modern & Vintage Style

Today we are going to talk about a trend that has hit 2023 like a storm and exactly how you can incorporate it into your current projects! Mixing modern and vintage pieces is a huge style trend this year. It mixes classic, antique styles with new trendy, modern ones. Do you have an old jacket or shirt or even a piece of jewelry from someone you love that is now outdated or you aren't sure how to fit it into your current personal style/projects? Good thing we are creators and one part of creating can be better described as repurposing! Upscaling or repurposing fabrics and clothing items helps reduce the amount of fabric sent to landfills each year making it not only fun, but also ecofriendly! Keep reading to get inspired on how to take old fabric, hardware, scraps, etc. from something you never thought you'd use again to something you can wear every day! 

1. Use Vintage Inspired Fabrics!

Our first way to mix modern and vintage styles is by using vintage looking fabric to add an old-time feel to any project! We love our Embossed Paisley Cork Fabric as an example! Create a modern style bag or design but add pieces of this cork to give it that vintage look. Pictured below is our Fogg bag in the Embossed Cork!

Another fabric we are loving is our Sequins Fabric! These are perfect to add that 1920’s flapper era aesthetic to any of your projects! Our sequence fabric looks stunning with the Kelly pictured below. It enhances any project and takes it to another level! Use this fabric but mix in our antique-colored Strap Chain to achieve that perfect balance of a modern and vintage look! 

Imagine these fabrics and details such as fringe on the Scarlett shoulder bag, or the Embossed Cork as one of the panel pieces on the Commuter Tote for a historic, rugged aesthetic.

2. Use Vintage Inspired Patterns! 

Another way to mix modern and vintage styles is by making vintage styled projects but adding your own modern flair with accessories or fabrics! At Sallie Tomato we are releasing a new pattern each month inspired by a different decade for the entire year of 2023! We are going through the decades with different styles and limited-edition cork fabrics! Some of the patterns we love mixing vintage and modern feels is the Clara Bag! She is a classic bag design inspired by the “it girl” of the 1920’s, Clara Bow! This bag pattern has the vintage look, but to add a modern edge switch out the hardware for something bolder!

Another great vintage pattern is our 1970’s Alice Snap Tote released in May! This vintage inspired tote can be made more modern by adding a new strap! You could even add a removable strap and make a few that way you can mix and match outfits but use the same bag every time! The possibilities are endless! Our Time Warp series also features the Dovima! This is a sleek handbag inspired by Dovima, one of the most iconic fashion models of the 1950s.This bag style can be modernized by adding some gold hardware or using a textured Faux Leather! 


3. Upcycle Your Current Wardrobe! 

If you have trouble getting rid of old clothing because it has some type of sentimental value to you, this one's for you! Instead of holding on to an old shirt or an outdated sweatshirt you may never wear again, why not repurpose it?! Grab some scissors and cut out your favorite pieces of the clothing and add it to a project you are working with! Mix the sweatshirt material with some of our Faux Leather fabric on any pattern to elevate the look. Imagine this combination on our Back to Basics Tote! Use the faux leather for the base and grab an old college or patterned shirt to use as the front panel pocket! So cute! Another great pattern that this would look stunning on is our new Kitty! This is a scrap-friendly bag so take any scraps you have or recycle an old flannel shirt and make something you can use every day! 

You can also use an old necklace or chain as a new strap on a shoulder bag like our Paloma or our Daphne. Another idea is to use some bigger statement earrings as a hardware detail on the front of a bag. Use a family brooch to add a pop of sparkle or color to a new pattern you are working on! Not only will this make room in your wardrobe, it will also prevent excess fabric from being put in our planet’s landfills! Sustainable and cute. It's a double win! 


If you haven't already, check out our YouTube channel! Here you can find Thrift Flips that Jess has created! In these videos you will see Jess go to the thrift store and repurpose items she finds into things she can use or wear every day! These are just a few of our ideas on how to incorporate this trend into our sewing! We hope you found some inspiration so you can try out this fun trend of mixing modern and vintage styles within your own projects! Comment below what your ideas are on how to achieve this style trend! Remember to tag us at @sallietomatopatterns on all our social media platforms! Happy Sewing!



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