2000's Time Warp: Kristin!

2000's Time Warp: Kristin!

Step into a time capsule and journey back to the enchanting era of the early 2000s. Picture a world where butterfly hair clips fluttered in the wind, and cargo pants carried the dreams of adventure in their many pockets. The dawn of the millennium brought with it a sense of excitement and wonder, as people peered into the future through their VHS tapes and embraced the strange allure of dial-up internet. In this vibrant tapestry of time, the air was infused with the beats of boy bands like *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, while the Spice Girls invited everyone to spice up their lives. CD players and Walkman's were like loyal companions, playing our favorite tunes as we bopped along the streets with our baggy jeans and platform sneakers. We are so intrigued to introduce to you our 2000's inspired new pattern, Kristin

Kristin is a large shoulder tote ideal for printed fabrics or embellishments with fabric or webbing straps and interior slip pocket. The Kristin tote bag has a sleek silhouette and simple design that is beginner-friendly to make! This tote is spacious on the inside and a blank canvas on the outside, eager to feature embellishments or printed fabrics. This pattern was inspired by Kristin Davis, and the character she played who was traditional, fashionable, bright and optimistic!

Our first version of this stunning tote is created with our newest cork fabric addition, Preppy Plaid! This cork is a chic printed fabric with subtle butterfly detailing! We love this paired with some Black Lite Faux Leather for an elevated look! Use this tote for work at your corporate job with some black trousers, a colorful blazer & pumps or keep it more casual at the mall with jeans, a cute basic tee & some platform sneakers! 

The next version of Kristin is a beautiful baby blue & neutral cork floral design. This is a perfect personal item for a flight to a tropical place! This cork is our Denim Backed Palm Cork! This kit would be cute paired with a sundress & gladiator sandals or with a button shirt and some denim to bring out the breezy blue color in the cork! 

Our last kit features a Snake Cork Fabric that makes this tote edgy & effortlessly chic! This can pair with anything in your closet and elevate any look you are going for! We picture this with a little black dress & some cute colorful platform heels! Take it from day to night by switching the shoes for some ballet flats during the day & save the heels for a night on the town! This bag can hold everything you need for the day with no problem! 

We hope you enjoy this new addition to our Time Warp Collection! How are you going to make this bag or how would you style these kits with your own personal fashion? Comment below! If you make this pattern or kit, be sure to tag us on social media @sallietomatopatterns! We can't wait to see what you create! :)


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