How to Sew Zelda Bag with Cork or Faux Leather (Pattern Hack!)

How to Sew Zelda Bag with Cork or Faux Leather (Pattern Hack!)

This blog post was inspired by our Limited Edition Zelda Bag Kit! For this kit, we chose to feature our Emerald Cork Fabric on the Zelda Bag Pattern

The pattern was originally designed so the Main Fabric would be a woven material, but we thought it would be fun to make one out of cork or faux leather! 

I've created this blog post to share some tips and alternate instructions for making the Zelda Bag out of Faux Leather. You can sew the pattern as is, but these instructions will help reduce some of the bulk, making it easier to sew!

Now, let's move onto the updated Zelda instructions for Cork or Faux Leather!

    • Cut (1) 1/2” by 3-1/2” for Piece C (Strap Connectors)
    • Cut (1) 1” by 3” for Piece D (Zipper Tab)
  • Page 3 MAKE & ATTACH STRAP CONNECTORS: Skip steps 1-2, then follow remaining section instructions.
  • Page 3 PREPARE ZIPPER: Skip step 1, then follow remaining section instructions.

That's it - minimal adjustments to the pattern, which will make it much easier to sew out of these professional materials. Be sure to share pictures of your completed Zelda Bag featuring cork or faux leather with #sallietomato and #zeldapatternhack. We'd love to see your bag!

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