Adjustable Cork Fabric Strap 4

Video: How to Make an Adjustable Cork Fabric Strap

In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to make an adjustable purse strap out of cork fabric. This adjustable strap is attached directly to your bag. I love using cork for straps because it's so soft and lightweight, which makes your bag very comfortable to carry. Also, you can leave one edge of the strap raw, without worrying about the edge fraying!

For this tutorial, you'll need 2-3 width of fabric strips of cork fabric (depending on the desired length of your strap) and 1 slider buckle. Your cut strip width will be double the final width of your strap. If 1/2" finished, cut 1" wide. If 3/4" finished, cut 1-1/2" wide. If 1" finished, cut 2" wide. If 1-1/2" finished, cut 3" wide. And so on.

Watch the tutorial video HERE!

Cork Fabric is available in over 60 colors, prints, and textures on my website. Slider Buckles are available in four sizes and five finishes on my website: nickel, gold, antique, gunmetal and rose gold.

I hope you learned something useful from this tutorial that you can use in your own bag making. Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial by leaving a comment below!

Jess from Sallie Tomato 


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