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Video: How to Make a Zipper Pocket

In this video, I'll teach you how to add a zipper pocket to your bag lining. This pocket technique can be added to almost any bag pattern! I love adding zipper pockets to my bags because it keeps my valuable items secure and accessible.

For this tutorial, you'll need (2) 8" squares of fabric, (1) 8" zipper, and your project. In the tutorial, I leave the bottom edge of the zipper pocket unsewn so you can turn your bag right side out through the pocket when finished. Simply add the zipper pocket as shown in the tutorial, unzip the zipper, complete your bag, turn your bag right side out through the unsewn edge, and sew the bottom edge of the zipper pocket closed. That way, there are no turning holes in your lining! I encourage you to give it a try on your next bag!

Watch the tutorial video here!

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I hope you learned something useful from this tutorial that you can use in your own bag making. Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial by leaving a comment below!

Jess from Sallie Tomato

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