Around the World: Your Travel Itinerary Through Wisconsin!

Around the World: Your Travel Itinerary Through Wisconsin!

We've created an itinerary for you to enjoy this trip "Around the World" in its entirety! We're going to explore new landmarks together for the entire year, so get ready! Whether it's a place you've never heard of before, or one of the 7 Wonders of the World, we're going to find out together, and visit iconic destinations every month!

In the month of January, we're in Sallie Tomato's home state: known as America's Dairyland and home of the Green Bay Packers: Wisconsin, USA!

Here are some points of interest, and highlights you can add to your travel wish list! DOWNLOAD THE FREE WISCONSIN ITINERARY RECOMMENDATIONS HERE!

1. Sallie Tomato Storefront! 300 Spring Street, Fox Lake, WI!

This is where all of the sewing magic happens! Get your notions, fabric, hardware, and even a brand new machine, as well as so much more here! The popular thing to do when you're visiting, is to get your picture taken here in front of the sign!

2. Wisconsin Dells Waterparks, Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Also known as the "Waterpark Capital of the World", this city full of life and H20 is known for its theme parks, indoor and outdoor waterpark attractions and excursions, unique restaurants, luxury condos, cabins, hotels and more! This place is suitable for families of every size, and is even a great place to visit in the winter time, with so much to see and do!

3. Racine, NEW, Milwaukee & Henry Villas Zoos - WI

Wisconsin is home to many zoos, filled with animals that are a bit closer to home, as well as exotic animals from all over the world. Visit the popular Racine zoo, the NEW or North Eastern Wisconsin zoo, the Milwaukee zoo, as well as the FREE Henry Villas Zoo in Madison! Most exhibits are open year round, weather permitting, of course. Did you know that the badger is the official state animal? If you're a college football fan, you may have heard of the legendary Wisconsin Badgers in our state capitol, Madison! You'll probably see one of these cute guys at any Wisconsin zoo.

4. State Parks, Waterfalls and Lighthouses

While there are so many beautiful parks that Wisconsin has to offer, we thought we'd name arguably one of the most beautiful of them all: Devils Lake State Park in Baraboo, WI! Just a short drive from the Wisconsin Dells, this famous State Park is known for its hiking and breathtaking views, as well as a great swimming spot in the summertime! Another beautiful place to check off of your list, is Big Manitou Falls - the biggest waterfall here, located in northern Wisconsin. If you're into cliffs, beaches filled with gorgeous rocks, and cerulean waters, check out lakes and caves in Door County, WI! 

Here's a full list of WI State Parks you can visit!

5. Lake Resorts & Campgrounds - WI

Lake Geneva's Resort is among the top resorts here in Wisconsin. From fireside to slopeside, on the green and everything between, make sure to check out this resort here!: 

6. City of Milwaukee - Art Museums & Discovery World

Calling all art, science, and architectural fanatics! Visit these popular destinations on the lakefront in the large City of Milwaukee to engage in hands-on experiments and exhibits, see various animals in the aquarium, unique, world-renowned and one-of-a-kind sculptures, paintings, and more!

This world is so big, and there's SOOO much more to see and do that we could go over, but we wanted to introduce you to some of Wisconsin's most famous landmarks and highlights! If you like what you've read so far, we invite you to check out this full list of places to go, and things to do here in Wisconsin in the photo below! Come where you'll always be welcome: where the air is fresh, and everyone is a friend. We hope you enjoyed this "trip" to Wisconsin! Tootles!

Maleea from Sallie Tomato



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