The Adventures of Sallie the Elf 2023!

The Adventures of Sallie the Elf 2023!

Welcome to the enchanting world of holiday magic! Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey filled with mischief, wonder, and endless festive cheer as we delve into the 25 days of Sallie the Elf adventures. Join us as we follow the mischievous escapades of our beloved elf companion, discovering daily surprises, heartwarming moments, and a sprinkle of North Pole charm each day. Let the countdown to Christmas sparkle with imagination and joy as we celebrate the season in the most delightful and elf-tastic way possible!

Day 1

On the first day of her adventure Sallie found her way to the Sallie Tomato office! We found her in the bathroom where she created her very own frosty the snowman out of toilet paper! 

Day 2

Sallie the Elf didn't think the Wisconsin weather was cold enough for her, so she improvised! We found her snuggled up in the fridge! She told us it feels more like home (the North Pole) to her in there! Brrrr! 


Day 3 

Sallie didn't get much sleep in the fridge the night before, so on day three she needed an extra pick me up! Coffee straight from the pod! 


Day 4

On day four, Sallie the Elf was still feeling jittery from all that coffee on day three, that she decided to have some fun in the office! Sallie rounded up all of the dinosaurs she could find and fed them treats! We may have a dinosaur infestation on our hands! 

Day 5 

Day five came with some fun & games! Sallie brought over one of her besties and they played tik tac toe all day long! 

Day 6

During our Friendsgiving at the office on day six, Sallie got herself into some trouble while no one was watching! We found her scaling the wall with Christmas bows! 

Day 7

Did somebody say Taco Tuesday?! On this day we found out Sallie the Elf loves tacos just as much as us! She surprised us by wrapping up herself up in a tortilla to celebrate! 


Day 8

On day eight, our elf wanted to play some more games while we were hard at work! She created her own version of a traditional party game, pin the tail on the donkey! Except, to get n the holiday spirit, Sallie took it upon herself to create pin the tail on Rudolph! How fun! 

Day 9

Sallie wanted to become a true Wisconsinite on day nine! She taught herself how to fish! Although this isn't exactly how we do our fishing in Wisconsin, it worked! 

Day 10

On day ten Sallie was feeling a little homesick so she decided to invite her fellow elves over and had her own sleepover! Her and her friends got all cuddled up in some socks and snoozed the night away! 

Day 11

As the Wisconsin weather got colder and colder, Sallie needed to find some new ways to keep her warm! We found her all "toasty" in the kitchen on day eleven! 


Day 12

On day twelve, Sallie wanted to show her thanks for staying with us at Sallie Tomato! Sallie tested her skills in the kitchen and made this delicious sponge cake for us! 


Day 13

Day thirteen, Sallie needed a sweet treat! It was too cold to make a campfire outside, so Sallie took it upon herself to make her own indoors! She had a smores feast ready for us! 

Day 14

Sallie started getting tired and needed to do something fun to perk her up! She decided to be mischievous & trick us! What we thought were some yummy treats, turned into a minty surprise with replacing the cream in our Oreos with toothpaste! The sponge cake tasted better than these! 

Day 15

When day fifteen came around, Sallie felt so bad for playing the Oreo prank on us that she decided to cheer everyone up with a fun game of Twister, elf version obviously! 

Day 16

We had a fresh layer of snow fall on day sixteen which made Sallie so happy! She rounded up her dinosaur friends she made earlier this month and headed out into the frosty snow! They played all day long and when they came in, Sallie had them warm up under the Christmas tree together! 


Day 17

Day seventeen, Sallie the Elf was lonely, so she decided to make herself some friends! Her favorite movie is Despicable Me, so she created her very own minion's army! Guess we will be calling her Gru from now on! Don't worry, her and her minions weren't able to capture the moon like they planned! 

Day 18

On this day Sallie was inspired by Jess to become an entrepreneur! She created her very own Christmas Tree Farm business! This farm was a success and Sallie the Elf sold out of trees by the end of the day! We see more business adventures in her future!

Day 19 

As most of you know from our Instagram, we have an office pup, Loki! Well Sallie was feeling a little mischievous again on day nineteen and tried to trick us. She "baked" some yummy treats, or so we thought. Even Sallie couldn't keep a straight face when trying these "cookies". They were Loki's dog treats! Blah! Don't worry, we will not be leaving these out for Santa on Christmas Eve! 

Day 20

Since Sallie's first attempt at bringing us, a snowman didn't work, she improvised on day twenty! Donut snowmen! Take it from us, these were the tastiest snowmen we've ever eaten! Thanks Sallie! 

Day 21

Day twenty-one, Sallie was getting a little bored over here at the office. There's only so many bags she can sew here! She wanted to do something spontaneous! She created a sledding hill with some of her favorite fabric cuts! How fun! 


Day 22

Sallie the Elf was eating so many sweet treats while she was here in Wisconsin with us that she wanted to jump start her New Years goals! Sallie created her very own gym so she could get a workout in! 

Day 23

On day twenty-three, Sallie knew her time with us was coming to an end. She wanted to do something nice for us to say thank you! She ironed all of our chips, so they were nice and flat instead of ruffled! How sweet is she! 

Day 24

Sallie the Elf invited some of her best friends over on day twenty-four! They got into some mischief with our fabric pieces. They made their very own slide! They put in any spot they could find, high or low! 

Day 25

To say thank you and farewell, on day twenty-five, Sallie surprised us with another sweet treat! She created her very own gingerbread house to share with us before she headed back to the North Pole! 

As our 25 days of Sallie the Elf adventure comes to a close, we bid farewell to our mischievous little friend with hearts full of cherished memories and spirits brimming with the magic of the season. Through every antic, every hidden spot, and every gleeful surprise, our elf has brought laughter, joy, and a touch of holiday enchantment into our office! Though our elf may return to the North Pole, the warmth and joy it brought into our lives will linger in our hearts throughout the year. Here's to keeping the enchantment alive, cherishing the moments shared, and eagerly awaiting the next magical adventure that the holiday season brings. Until next time, may your days be merry, bright, and filled with the joy of the season! 

Check out our YouTube tutorial to make your very own DIY Sallie The Elf! We have project kits, a pdf downloads or a paper pattern! If you need more inspiration on what to have your elf do, watch our inspiration video on our YouTube as well! Tag us on Instagram at @sallietomatopatterns or on Facebook at @sallietomatooffical if you make this festive project! Happy sewing! 


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