Summer Tea Party Checklist!

Summer Tea Party Checklist!

Summer is the time of making memories with the ones you love & what's a better way to do that than hosting a tea party! Imagine, a beautifully decorated table setting sits under a canopy of trees, adorned with delicate lace tablecloths, vintage China tea sets, and flickering candles. The soft breeze carries the sweet scent of freshly brewed tea and the aroma of freshly baked scones and pastries. As the guests arrive, they are greeted with warm hugs and affectionate smiles. Each person finds their seat at the table, carefully arranged with small bouquets of flowers and personalized place cards. The friends, dressed in elegant and comfortable attire, radiate joy and excitement!

To host your own magical tea party like the one described, you will need a few things to get you started & Sallie Tomato is here to help! You'll need an exquisite table straight off your Pinterest board to set the mood of relaxation & daintiness. First, start with a Table Runner! This one can be interchangeable with whatever theme steals your heart! Floral, coastal, specific seasons, & more! Create it with whatever inspiration you have!

Next, match the place settings with the runner or you finest dinnerware! You'll need some Fabric Napkins to match as well! Pick a specific color you want to focus on and extenuate that throughout the table setting to match!

Now, fabric napkins are classy & will look great, but let's take them to the next level. Roll your napkins and use a Napkin Ring to really impress! Add some bling to texturize the scene in front of you.

It's time to talk beverages! Make some fun drinks, including tea of course, and grab your favorite romantic glasses! Create a set of our customizable Sterling coasters as a small but noticeable detail! Showcase your favorite textured or printed corks and leathers, framed by dramatic metal corners. Embellish the front of each coaster with optional embroidery or applique, for a unique look that is sure to be appreciated by your guests.


Don't forget the tea! Keep it nice and hot with a cover! Check out our Cora pattern to achieve this! Add this cozy teapot cover to any tea pot or kettle, to instantly jazz up your table as well as give your valuables protection. 

Lastly, it's time to finish off this romantic table setting with some accents! Our Billie pattern is the perfect way to display your pastries in a beautiful way!

Place the basket of goodies underneath a cute placemat like the Dresden pattern! Again, you can make this as eye catching as you want to match the rest of your setting. Set your table, make your tea & pastries, and invite all your friends!

Add some beautiful floral arrangements and greenery for finishing touches & enjoy your classic tea party!

We hope you enjoyed our newest inspiration! If you create your own tea party, we would love to see it! Tag us at @sallietomatopatterns! We can't wait to see what you create! Happy stitching! :)




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