Spooky Sallie Tomato Hacks | 10 Easy Craft Projects for Halloween

Spooky Sallie Tomato Hacks | 10 Easy Craft Projects for Halloween

Creepy, crawly, spooky, scary - BOO! We've got the perfect recipe for decorating your home this Halloween on a budget!

Thrifting and flipping projects is one of Jessica's favorite things, and for good reason! You can get the look you want, all while saving money. Follow along to see how you can make your very own "ghoul" projects that don't require sewing, but look wonderful with sewing materials you may have laying around at home.

We'll be talking a little in-depth about each project you can make. Or, keep scrolling and watch the FREE YouTube video, that covers all of the same fun projects!

1. DIY Crystal Ball

candle holder that she found at a thrift store she'd later spray paint with black paint to complete the look. She also found skeleton hand bones at the Dollar Tree that would go around the base of the crystal ball, as well as Rust-Oleum mirror effect spray to give this crystal ball the classic look we know and love crystal balls to have. Watch the video tutorial for tips on how to get that aged, older look!


2. DIY Skeleton Terrarium

Starting with a trip to your local dollar store, find the skeleton or fake bone pieces right for your taste. Jess chose a larger skeleton to fit inside of a larger vase she found at the thrift store. She also found a bag of rocks, and floral moss to really set the spooky tone for this terrarium. Now, let's layer this terrarium. First, add the rocks to the bottom of the vase, followed by as little or as much floral moss at you'd like. Then, carefully snap off or break the plastic skeleton pieces, and layer them inside, perhaps starting with the larger pieces to ensure the rest fit. Then, finish off the look with more moss & add an optional lid with other items around the house (see how to make the lid in the video!).

3. Bat Terrarium 

Pictured next to the skeleton terrarium above, is the bat terrarium Jess made with even more dollar tree finds, as well as twigs from her backyard, and bats made out of a few pieces of Sallie Tomato Black Pebble Faux Leather scraps she had laying around in her sewing room - find the FREE Bat Applique Template Download here, or purchase the Laser Cut Bat Applique Pieces here! This tutorial can be found in a different video, listed below! You'll also see how to make trending #wallbats, a DIY Bat Stamp Pillow, and you can also find inspiration to add these templates to your favorite bag patterns!

4. Fall Plant Stand 

A little less "spooky" than the others, this simplistic, yet classy decorative piece can make any entryway stand out amongst the crowd! All you need are yet again a few items from your local dollar store. Jess found two black (choose any frame color) 5"x7" picture frames, as well as two 4"x4" picture frames for the stands - some realistic-looking fall florals, as well as two wooden trays, and a pack of floral foam. She also chose to purchase some black spray paint, and wood stain to complete the look she wanted. 

If you'd like, spray your frames and any other pieces you want to look uniform, or add a pop of color with a wood stain. Next, hot glue the wooden trays to the frames. Add your chosen florals to the floral foam, and VOILA! Your Fall Plant Stand is complete. 


Turn off the lights, and watch this super spooky (we promise it's not too scary at all) tutorial on our YouTube Channel to get inspired!

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Plus, stay tuned for more DIY projects to be revealed this winter! Learn how to make the Designer Dupe Candelabra, a Matte Designer Bowl, aThrifted Basket Tray, a Faux Aged Pottery Vase & a Twine Canister.

Have a spook-erific October! Thank you for reading!

-Maleea from Sallie Tomato

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