Cork Zipper Pull

Simple Cork Zipper Pull Tutorial

Learn how to make a simple cork or faux leather zipper pull in this tutorial! All you need is a scrap of cork or faux leather, and you will need to use a zipper pull that has a hole in the tab.

Our NEW Donut Zipper Pulls have a hole in the center of the tab which allows you to attach charms, tassels, and cork or leather pulls. These are size #5 for nylon coil zippers. You can use them with our Zippers by the Yard.

First you will cut a piece of cork or faux leather that measures 1/4" wide and 5" long.  Trim each short end so it's angled. Then, fold it in half with wrong sides together, matching the angled ends.

Next, thread the angled ends through the hole on the zipper pull tab.

Then, thread the angled ends through the loop (folded end) of the cork or faux leather piece.

Pull tight to secure, and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial! Jess from Sallie Tomato

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