Sew, What's New? | September 2022 Newsletter

Sew, What's New? | September 2022 Newsletter

Hey, friend! “Sew” good to see you again! We're gearing up for fall, and winding down the year with even more special announcements and promotions. Take a look below at our current specials, new pattern releases, fresh fabrics, & more for the month of September! 
Please give a warm welcome to a dear friend, Lina! We're so glad to have someone as special as her working alongside us - it's such a gift to find people as passionate as you are about a hobby! Lina has been sewing for a few years, and she has been so kind to help us reach our sewing friends all over the world who also love to sew. We are very excited to announce that Lina will be assisting us in translating Sallie Tomato patterns! Watch for the official announcement on our social media pages, and be sure to watch the Zippy Bag tutorial: the first of MANY patterns to be translated by the talented Lina! 
Seasons change, and sew do our fabrics! We always want to keep your projects fresh and exciting. Make sure to check out our selection of Cotton, Canvas, Cork & Faux Leather arrivals to start your Holiday sewing! We've got plenty of "spooktacular" fabrics for Halloween, festive, wintery Christmas fabrics & more!
This tall, stylish backpack pattern is a perfect go-to pattern for the school year! Give as a gift to your kids for a sports bag, as a travel backpack, or for every day use! With a variety of pocket sizes, including a semi-hidden zipper pocket perfect for storing your laptop along with you on your exploration. Get the Instant Download for the Ava pattern here! 
As you may know, the theme for this year is traveling "Around the World" to discover new destinations, celebrate cultures and their origins, & to incorporate that all into our most favorite hobby: sewing! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel & watch for the new video released each month to get inspired to create stunning tablescapes, authentic to the country or region we are visiting. This month, enjoy the Spanish-inspired table setting, plus get the FREE patterns on our site today! Watch the free video tutorial below! 
We hope you're thoroughly enjoying our Clubs! From getting surprise gifts, patterns, fabric & more in the mail each month - each time you get a fun rush of excitement! Since our subscription boxes continue to grow, we need a few more days to process your orders. Effective immediately, Clubs will be Charged on the same dates, but will be Shipped within 10 days after the Charge Date. We appreciate your understanding and we have lots of goodness planned for our members!
"Reflecting on this past month, my biggest takeaway was to have more courage in myself. I love the above quote by Theodore Roosevelt, and I think we all can try to give ourselves a little more grace when it comes to our sewing projects, and even everyday life. 

Last month, I flew to Hamilton Missouri to film the last three videos of the "Bag Sewing" series with Missouri Star Quilt Company. I had been their before, and their team is so supportive, but I still felt nervous and tense. It wasn't until I set my fears aside, and let my passion take the wheel, for me to relax and have confidence in myself. Because in that moment, I had everything I needed right in front of me, and I wasn't going to let my fears hold me back from sharing what I love.

Even though I've been sewing, teaching, and filming for years, I still have fears. But each day I can start fresh and try again. So if you've been feeling any self-doubt, just know that you are capable of conquering your fears just by showing up and doing the best you can with what you have, where you are. You've got this, we've got this, and I'll be trying my best each day to be by your side to support you along your creative journey!" - Jess
Did you enjoy reading this Newsletter? Stay tuned, & follow along each month to see what's new with us here at Sallie Tomato! Catch ya later!
-Maleea at Sallie Tomato

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