Quilted Carrie Hack!

Quilted Carrie Hack!

Create your very own luxe baguette bag! Our Carrie pattern is the perfect size and shape to incorporate quilting. Use your Carrie pattern, along with Free Download Quilted Carrie Hack pattern, and the following adaptations to the Sewing Instructions.

Lite Faux Leather Quilting tips:

  • Main Fabric pieces to be quilted are cut at least 1" larger than the dimensions listed under the pattern cutting instructions. Quilting will naturally “shrink” the fabric size. It’s much easier to trim a quilted panel down to the correct size.
  • Try using foam under the Main fabric (Lite Faux Leather), it smoothly passes over the feed dogs as you sew, and it gives a nice dimension to the quilting.
  • It’s also helpful to use temporary adhesive spray to help hold the Lite faux leather to the foam or fleece. If you prefer not using adhesive spray, use lots of sewing clips when attaching the foam/fleece.
  • Be sure to test your marking pen or chalk on a scrap of your fabric, to ensure that any marks can be removed.
  • For the smoothest quilting process, we recommend a Teflon foot for your sewing machine. It glides over the Lite Faux Leather, reducing fabric shifting. A walking foot may also be helpful.
  • Select a longer stitch length, 3.5 - 4.5mm. Test the stitch length on scrap pieces of the fabric layers, to make sure you like the appearance.
  • Sew slowly! Stitching at a slower speed allows the layers to move together; reducing ripples and shifting.

Let’s Get Started!


Follow the Carrie Pattern instructions, the Hack modifications are noted below by page number: then section: followed by step.

Page 1: ATTACH FOAM: step 1:

  1. With Right Sides Up, center each Lite faux leather Main Fabric piece on a corresponding Foam Piece. The foam is cut slightly larger, so it’s easy to ensure the layers will be properly secured. Baste 1/8" from all edges of each Main Fabric piece. 

Skip steps 2 - 3 of this section in the Carrie pattern and use the following steps to create quilted panels.


2. Using a removable pen or chalk, mark the cutting lines listed in the original pattern, centered within each layered Main Fabric piece, as the quilting placement guide. Then mark your desired quilting lines within the placement guide outline. 

3. Stitch, following your marked lines. Begin by quilting the inner areas of the marked panel, then quilt outer areas, such as borders. 

4. After quilting is completed, recheck the measurements of each panel. (This is where you’ll see how much the quilting altered the size of each piece.) If needed, re-mark the cutting lines, following the Carrie pattern cutting instructions for Pieces A, B, and C, keeping the quilting centered. Cut out all the pieces, referring to the Carrie pattern. 

Continue following the Carrie pattern, beginning with SHAPE MAIN PANELS & FLAP, on page 1.

Page 2, ASSEMBLE FLAP, step 3: We chose to topstitch 1/8" from all edges, as it looked better with our quilted design.

Page 4, MAKE THE ADJUSTABLE STRAP, beginning at step 1:

  • Use the 4" wide Main Piece D Strap pieces and join together as detailed in steps 1 and 2.

    1. With WST, fold both long, raw edges of Strap to the center. Fold in half lengthwise, aligning long, fold edges and encasing long, raw edges. Topstitch each length side with 1/8" allowance.

    Use basting spray or basting tape and sewing clips to securely hold all the folded layers together and reduce shifting of layers.

    Continue following the Carrie pattern, step 4 through step 7.

    Page 4, OPTIONAL: ADD A TASSEL, step 1:

  • Mark a horizontal line 1/2" down from the top 6-1/2" edge on the WS of Contrast Piece F Tassel. Cut vertical lines spaced 1/4" apart, up to the 1/2" mark.

  • Continue following the Carrie pattern, steps 2 and 3.


    We hope you enjoyed this new pattern hack! Tag us @sallietomatopatterns if you make it! Happy sewing! :) 

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