New Printed Vinyl, Webbing, Faux Leather & More!

New Printed Vinyl, Webbing, Faux Leather & More!

As the bird's chirp and flowers bloom, it’s time to refresh our sewing spaces and dive into new projects that celebrate the arrival of spring!

In this month’s newsletter, we have some delightful features lined up to ignite your creativity. From fresh seasonal fabrics to handy webbing, we’ve got everything you need to blossom in your sewing journey.

Chic Has Never Been So Easy!

Our ever-popular webbing is now available in new prints! Add a pop of color, design, and texture to any of your bags! Webbing effortlessly elevates your projects, or even updates your current bags! This collection has 14 NEW patterned webbings! We love using webbing with our Make-A-Strap pattern, and it looks stunning on several other patterns including the Stewart, Aurora, and more!
Stylish, durable, and versatile, Sallie Tomato Premium Webbing is perfect for bag making, crafting, DIY projects, outdoor gear, and more. Whether you’re looking to achieve a boutique-quality or rugged finish, webbing is a quick option for making durable straps, handles, or belts. It’s also used in load-bearing applications such as items for pets; equestrian gear; sporting goods; and outdoor, nautical, and apparel items. 

Sallie Tomato Webbing is made to withstand tough conditions while maintaining a sleek, professional look. Webbing is a woven material with finished edges made from cotton, nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. The cut ends are raw and will need to be finished or sewn into a seam.

Add Some Print!

Just in time for spring, these heavily requested fabrics have arrived! We have 6 new printed clear vinyl fabrics to add to your collection! This vinyl is perfect for organizational patterns like Taylor or use it on a stadium bag like Ruth! Pictured here is the Boxed Pouch from Jess's book, Create with Cork Fabric! Find this vinyl in Black Checkerboard, Apricot Checkerboard, White Leopard, Confetti, & Zebra Print! Pair with one of our colorful zippers for an eye-catching statement bag!

Show up in Style!

Whether you’re heading to a concert or sporting event, this transparent bag will keep your belongings secure, yet visible, allowing you to breeze through security checks. Crafted from durable, vinyl fabric, this translucent pattern shows practicality and style. Its structure offers a glimpse into the organized chaos of your belongings within—including phone chargers, concert tickets, sunscreen, and more—all neatly arranged and on display. Check out the Ruth kits featuring our newest Leopard Clear Vinyl! Grab this stunning kit and create a chic, eye-catching stadium bag for your next big event!

Faux Leather Tour!

Did you know that at Sallie Tomato we have our own month-long holiday? You didn’t?! Well, then you must add Faux Leather February to your calendar! We schedule a tour of handmade faux leather projects to parade through the “streets” of the internet during the month of February to inspire and show what can be made with your domestic sewing machine at home.

This year we launched three new lines of faux leather - shimmer, rugged and basket weave - that our tour participants created with, and we were blown away by what our makers made. 

New Cork Fabric!

We're celebrating Spring with our freshly launched Cherries Cork Fabric, which looks stunning when paired with the Rustic Malachite. Create a bright, cherry Bella or use our inspiration & create a stunning Monroe! 

This premium, cork fabric, also known as cork leather, is easy-to-sew through, pliable, and durable. Cork fabric has a similar handle to faux leather or genuine leather because it is soft, smooth, and pliable.  It is not hard or brittle. 

Its unique properties, eco-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal make it a versatile material for various projects. It can be used for bags, straps and handles, wallets, craft projects, applique, embroidery, home decor, and more. 

Our high-quality cork fabric consists of a thin layer of 100% cork adhered to a fabric support backing, which is often a blend of polyester, cotton, and polyurethane. Our cork fabric can be found in a variety of thicknesses, textures, prints, and colors. 


Thank you so much for reading about our month! We are so thankful to have you here. So, grab your favorite cup of tea, cozy up with your latest project, and let’s embark on a journey of creativity together! Happy Sewing! :)

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