Purse Hardware Tutorial: Tassel Cap Hardware

In this video, Jess will teach you how to make Tassels using Sallie Tomato's Tassel Cap Hardware! These are a crowd pleaser and a beautiful add on to any bag! This tutorial will show you all of the items that you will need to finish the task! This hardware can be purchased here.

Use this hardware to attach handmade tassels to any bag or key chain! This is a fun accessory to add to your projects or use up scraps. Make tassels out of cork, vinyl, kraft-tex, leather, or any other fabric that doesn't fray. This is a fun accessory to add to your projects or use up scraps.

This hardware measures 3-1/4" long. The inner diameter of the attached swivel hook and cap measures 3/8" wide. This hardware is  currently available in five finishes: nickel, gold, antique, gunmetal, and rose gold.


Check out the use of this hardware on Sallie Tomato's Della, Circle Bag (part of our Free Video Series), Zippy, and Wristlet (also a part of out Free Video Series)! This new skill can be used to add flair to any project.

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