Purse Hardware Tutorial: How to Install Mini Strap Connectors

Purse Hardware Tutorial: How to Install Mini Strap Connectors

In this video, Jess will teach you how to attach mini decorative straps connectors to cork and other fabrics. This tutorial will show you all of the items that you will need to finish the task! These strap connectors can be purchased here.

Save time and stop making fussy strap connectors by using these extremely easy-to-add metal strap connectors. These connectors are very strong and add a high-end finish to your bag! 

This purse hardware works beautifully on purses made from quilt weight cotton, cork fabric, vinyl, leather, Kraft-Tex, canvas, and other bag making materials.  Make sure to properly interface and stabilize your bag before and after inserting this hardware. 

This hardware accommodate 1/2" wide purse straps, or attached a chain strap. This hardware is currently available in five finishes: nickel, gold, antique, gunmetal, and rose gold.

Try this new hardware skill on our Zippy, a fun crossbody bag that is as pretty as it is functional! 

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