Picnic Essentials Checklist

Picnic Essentials Checklist

We are so over the “dinner and a movie” date or even going out for drinks and appetizers with a significant other or friend. Here at Sallie Tomato, we are ready to give you the perfect unique picnic date to surprise someone special! 

Picture this: it's a beautiful sunny day, with a light breeze and birds chirping in the background. You and your date have planned a picnic in the park, and you arrive early to find the perfect spot. You choose a grassy area near some trees, where you can spread out a blanket and enjoy the shade. As you lay out the blanket, you and your date chat about the scenery and the weather. You brought a basket filled with delicious snacks, such as sandwiches, fruit, and cheese. You also brought a bottle of chilled white wine or sparkling water to enjoy with your meal. After you finish your lunch, you and your date decide to take a leisurely stroll around the park. You stop to admire the beautiful flowers and watch some ducks swimming in a nearby pond. You also come across a fun activity, such as a frisbee or kite flying, and decide to play for a little while. As the sun begins to set, you and your date head back to your picnic spot. You light some candles or lanterns and enjoy the peaceful ambiance as the stars come out. You might even cuddle up together under a cozy blanket and watch the stars twinkle in the night sky. Overall, a picnic date in the park is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and spend quality time with your significant other. 

1. Picnic Basket!

First, you'll need a basket! Our Hudson bag pattern is the perfect cooler basket to hold all your treats and goodies! This pattern is spacious and useful. It has a large main compartment that is great to hold your main course, as well as smaller side pockets perfect for utensils, drinks, or after dinner sweets! Pack some sandwiches, pasta salad and a few sparkling beverages all in one convenient place! 

2. Blanket!

Another item that is a picnic essential is a big comfy blanket to lay out on! Don't try to fumble around with folding a big blanket and trying to carry that awkwardly with all your other items - use our Blanket Pal to easily carry and organize your sitting spot! The Blanket Pal securely holds and allows you to carry your blanket neatly and in a classy, tidy way! Plus, try our Free Checkerboard Throw Blanket Pattern!

3. Utensils!

You will then need some utensils! We want to be one with nature, but maybe not so much that we are eating with our hands! LOL! We have you covered with our Lunch Wrap! The Lunch Wrap is perfect for on-the-go!  Conveniently have a placemat & utensils stored at all times! This is excellent for a picnic in the park - keep everything you need to enjoy your meal wrapped up in this cute, multi-use pattern!


4. Napkins!

Once you're done eating the delicious meal you've packed, you're going to need something to wipe your face and hands with because no one wants sticky hands! Our Free Fabric Napkins pattern is the best to clean your face and hands without disrupting face makeup or irritating your skin! Use coordinating fabric to match the Lunch Wrap to make the cutest set for an aesthetically pleasing, Instagram worthy picnic! Plus, the napkins are machine-washable and reusable!

5. Sanitize!

Another essential for the after eating clean-up is hand sanitizer! Like we said before, no one wants sticky hands on a date! Clip our Andie hand sanitizer holder to the outside of your Hudson for easy access! Imagine matching all the fabrics of these to make the cutest picnic gift set for someone you love! 


6. Carry It!

We have our food covered with the Hudson pattern, but what about everything else? Pack a speaker for some relaxing music, an activity or adult coloring book to do together, or even a new book that you and your partner can read together while you're picnicking! Use our Shaw Backpack to carry all the fun extras! Shaw is a simple backpack that comes in three sizes! This pattern has been cleverly designed to avoid using any bias binding. A flawless pattern that will comfortably hold any and all activities you decide to take on your picnic date in the park! 

7. Beverages!

Our last must have item for a relaxing picnic date is an essential to hold all of your beverages or even condiment needs! The Backyard Caddy is a quick sew, and fun to make! This caddy is designed to hold your favorite bottled or canned beverages, and even bottled sauces. The top handle makes this easy to carry to your shady picnic spot without having to worry about spilling or bottles bursting from clanking around together. Cans, glass bottles, or plastic bottles all fit securely in this pattern! 


Here is our checklist of picnic essentials! Don't forget to add good company and a beautiful day along with these! We hope you found some inspiration for your next date night whether that is with a significant other or your closest friends!

Save this blog for the upcoming summer holidays! Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and even beach days or just a backyard barbecue! These Sallie Tomato Patterns are "sew" amazing for it all! If you try out any of these ideas, be sure to tag us @sallietomatopatterns on all our socials! We can't wait to see what you create! Thanks for reading! 

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