New Pattern Release: The Barbara Bag (A Collaboration with Myra Bag)

New Pattern Release: The Barbara Bag (A Collaboration with Myra Bag)

Natural and chic, sophisticated and unique: introducing the Barbara Bag! This beautiful bag is designed and inspired by Myra Bag. We are so excited to collaborate with a company that shares like values. Myra Bag incorporates style, elegance, sophistication and quality, all while using earth-friendly materials for their products!

Barbara gives charisma a whole new meaning. Accented with Sallie Tomato's Faux Fur and Faux Leather, Barbara has a classy, high-fashion vibe. The Myra satchel also has the ability to transform into a crossbody bag! All-in-all, this pattern features sturdy handles, an exterior and interior zipper pocket, an interior slip pocket, an adjustable strap, a magnetic closure, and a tassel for extra flair.

A full-length video tutorial for this pattern will debut on our YouTube channel later in May. Be sure you're subscribed to our channel to be notified of its release.

We are thrilled to collaborate with the world-renowned, Myra Bag Company. Myra Bags offers nature-friendly bags made from up-cycled fabrics and leather. Each bag is handcrafted with the spirit of a vintage, ethnic and bold style. Please check out this beautiful bag, and the rest of their ready-made collection here.

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