New Functional Backpack or Diaper Bag Pattern

New Functional Backpack or Diaper Bag Pattern

My new backpack pattern release is truly a labor of love! I put a lot of thought into the design of this pattern because I wanted it to be very useful. I've already been using mine as a diaper bag for baby Jaxson! This is Tripper, a functional backpack that can also be used as a diaper bag! This pattern has been cleverly designed to avoid using any bias binding or a drop-in lining. Also, I designed this bag to feature our new ladder lock buckles!


What you'll learn in this pattern:

Included are step-by-step graphics to help make the written directions easier to understand. There is a picture for almost every step. This bag features two exterior zipper pockets, wide opening top, elastic side pockets, adjustable padded straps, carry handle, three interior elastic pockets, and is fully lined.  Also included are many sewing techniques and tips to help you achieve a quality, finished project. The finished size is 12" wide, 14" high, and 10" deep.


Easy Hardware Shopping

The only hardware required is a set of Ladder Lock Buckles for the adjustable padded straps. Ladder Lock Buckles are available in five colors: nickel, light gold, antique, gunmetal, and rose gold. Ladder Lock Slider Buckles are designed to hold under tension and release by lifting the front tab. They allow you to adjust the length and tension of your straps. This buckle is a single sided ladder buckle, meaning it is easily adjustable from one end. This makes one-handed adjustment easy, whether releasing or tightening.


Try our Faux Metal Handbag Zippers by the Yard for this project!

Make all of the single and double slide zippers you need for Tripper using one package of Sallie Tomato Zippers by the Yard. Our zippers have a metallic coil, which appears to be metal. Easily make any size zipper you need! Coordinate the zipper tape color with your fabric and match the nylon coil color with your purse hardware! Easily cut and sew through the nylon teeth, while achieving the professional appearance of metal teeth. Cut the length of zipper you need, when you need it, for minimal waste.


Recommended Fabrics

For the best results, quilt weight cotton, canvas, denim, or linen for the exterior. PUL fabric can also be used for the exterior, but it’s a bit more challenging. I recommend PUL fabric for the lining to help keep your bag clean, but quilt weight cotton will work just fine. This bag has a more professional, long-lasting finish if the recommended fabrics are used. In addition, these fabrics have been tested so your sewing machine will have no problems sewing through the thickness. For my samples, I used PUL fabric from Roche Papier Ciseau Textile Co. PUL is a laminated polyester interlock that is soft, breathable and (best of all) waterproof! RPC Textile Co manufactures eco-friendly fabrics made from 100% recycled materials. If you'd like to try some of their PUL fabric, RPC Textile Co is generously offering 15% off PUL fabric for Sallie Tomato customers only during the Tripper pattern release! Visit their shop and use the code "SALLIETOM15" through August 20, 2019!


I’m confident that anyone can make this bag if they want to! It’s not a quick sew; however, it’s a very functional bag and well worth the time! There are quite a few pieces to cut, which can make this bag seem intimidating, but if you take it one step at a time, the bag will come together before you know it! When you’re done, you’ll feel very satisfied and accomplished! Share photos of this pattern using #SallieTomato and #TripperBackpack. Share in the Sallie Tomato Facebook Group, on Instagram, and other social sites! I hope you enjoy this pattern and enjoy sewing this stylish bag!

Jess from Sallie Tomato 

P.S. If you enjoy my patterns and purse supplies, let your local fabric shop know that I sell wholesale! Thank you for your continued support and for your love of sewing!


  • Beth Cameron

    Help! I am working on the Tripper bag and am confused with the instructions under the, “Assemble Front Pocket” section. Do I keep the lining on the finished pocket out of the seam for step 1? Is there a tutorial that will help me with this section?

    Thank you

  • Cherilyn helman

    It’s not giving me an option to view/purchase the pattern for this back pack, where do I need to go?

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