Nearly 20 Exclusive Colors & Prints of Cork Added!

Nearly 20 Exclusive Colors & Prints of Cork Added!


Fabric Backed Cork Fabric!

We've been playing with different backings on our cork! We now have laser cut cork fabric with glitter on the back, denim, canvas, and even burlap backed!

We also have a new Pro Lite Cork Fabric, which has an ultra thin backing adhered to our high quality cork. This thickness is almost identical to the thickness of quilt weight cotton, making it ideal for projects you want to layer cork, or make entire projects out of cork.

We've added nearly 20 new cork prints, textures, and colors to our site! You cannot find of the fabric backed cork anywhere else! They are exclusive to Sallie Tomato!

Take a look at the Magnolia Bucket Bag I made using our new Charcoal Marble Metallic Cork and Lite Metallic Chevron Cork. It's not my usual style, but I LOVE how this combination turned out! 

Are you new to sewing with cork, or looking for more inspiration? Check out my tutorials on cork fabric here. Also, check out my new book, Create with Cork Fabric, for lots of fun projects and information about cork. It's easy to sew, soft, durable, and very lightweight! I hope you'll try some in your next project!

Happy Making!

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