Must-Have Needles for Bag Making

Must-Have Needles for Bag Making

The key to flawless stitching is the careful selection of the proper needle for your sewing machine. Sewing machine needles may look alike, but in fact they are quite different. Selecting the appropriate needle will allow for ease of sewing through fabrics, frustration-free! 

Detailed here is a list of the top needles used for bag making, including the best applications for each needle. Let’s dive in, so you’re armed with the knowledge of needles to make your sewing experience as smooth as possible!

Denim Needles

Denim needles are designed for densely woven fabrics. They have a thick, strong shaft and a very sharp point for consistent stitching. Denim needles sew well through denim, canvas, faux leather, and lightweight leather. 

denim needles

Microtex/Sharps Needles

Microtex needles, also known as sharps needles, have a narrow shaft and sharp point for fine detailed stitching. This type of needle is ideal for topstitching, quilting, and edge stitching. Microtex needles are designed for micro fibers, polyester, silk, faux leather, coated materials, and cork fabric.

microtex sharps needles

Nonstick Needles

Nonstick needles are designed for sewing through glue-based or tacky fabrics such as faux leather, flocked fabric, embroidery stabilizers, and other synthetics. The non-stick coating and distinctive design ensures prevention of skipped stitches. The point is slightly rounded for the ability to sew through most materials. 

nonstick needles

Leather Needles

Leather needles are designed for sewing through leather, faux leather, and heavy non-woven synthetics. This type of needle is designed to help cut through the material as the stitch is formed, without tearing the fabric. 

leather needles

Topstitch Needles

Topstitch needles are designed for heavy fabric or multiple layers. They have a large shaft, deep groove, long eye, and very sharp point. The large shaft allows for sewing through thicker materials, the deep groove and long eye accommodate heavier threads, and the sharp point allows for straight, precise stitching. For topstitching light-weight fabrics, use a microtex or sharps needle instead.

topstitch needles

Universal Needles

Universal needles are designed for general sewing through knit and woven fabrics. This type of needle has a slightly rounded light ball point, meant to sew through most fabrics. A universal needle is not ideal for sewing through tightly woven fabrics. Instead, use a microtex or sharps needle. 

universal needles

As you now know, selecting the appropriate needle for bag making can be a game-changer, and save you from feeling frustrated while sewing a project. Bags tend to have many layers, so for most projects you will need a needle with a weight of 90/14 or heavier.

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I hope you’ll bookmark this page, or print it off, to keep handy in your sewing space! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or what to learn about other needles! 

Have a creative day! 

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