Lucky Penny Wallet

Lucky Penny Wallet Hack

Recently I released a free pattern, the Lucky Penny Wallet.  This pattern is a quick and easy project for all skill levels of sewing. It has been designed for sewing with cork fabric, vinyl, or kraft-tex.  It only takes a small amount of fabric, so it’s a wonderful pattern for anyone who is sewing with one of these materials for the first time, or for using up scraps!

Over the past few weeks, it’s been really inspiring to see members of my Facebook Group share the Lucky Penny Wallets they've made! Some members have customized their wallets with embroidery, applique, additional pockets, zippers, lining, decorative stitches, and even combined different colors and textures of material.

Their creativity has inspired this blog post!  There have been many questions on how to add a zipper pocket and a lined slip pocket in the Lucky Penny Wallet.  So, I've asked one of my talented pattern testers to write a tutorial for you!  Without further ado, I'd like to welcome my first guest blogger, and pattern tester, Laura Middleton!

Lucky Penny Wallet Hack by Laura Middleton

Lucky Penny Wallet Cork Fabric Please follow all of Sallie Tomato's instructions, but do not topstitch the rectangles on the Inner Panel until you follow these instructions. To add the Fabric Slip Pocket and a Fabric Zipper Pocket you will need the following.

First press your SF101 onto the wrong side of your coordinating fabrics.

Slip Pocket

Take your short edge and press 1/4" to the wrong side. Use DST (Double Sided Tape) and put on the bottom and the top of the back of your rectangle on the bottom of your Lucky Penny wallet interior piece. Lay the bottom on first with 1/4" pressed piece down. Topstitch on the bottom of rectangle with a 4.5mm stitch length. Next, bring up the other end to the top of your rectangle and topstitch from the left side all around to the right side. I pull my thread up and knot from the back for a more professional look.


Zipper Pocket

Take your piece of fabric and press one short edge 1/4" down. Sew the piece fold down onto the bottom of your zipper. Then sew the bottom of zipper only to the bottom of your rectangle of your Lucky Penny wallet interior. Now use DST (double sided tape) and bring your fabric up to the top of your rectangle. Topstitch from the bottom of the left side all around to the right side. I pull my thread down to the back to make my knot for a more professional look. Then layer your outer piece and inner piece of your wallet as the pattern states and topstitch together. Trim and wal-ah you have done it! Thank you, Laura Middleton of Silvery Threads


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