Handbag Zippers by the Yard

Introducing 5 Finishes of Handbag Zippers by the Yard

Introducing Nylon Coil Handbag Zippers by the Yard!  I've always been terrified of using metal zippers... but I love how gorgeous they look in a bag. In order to conquer my fear and help make it easier for the both of us, I've developed Nylon Coil Zippers by the Yard in FIVE stunning finishes and FIVE tape colors!  This way, you can easily cut and sew through the nylon teeth, while achieving the professional appearance of metal teeth!

My favorite thing about these zippers is that you can coordinate the zipper tape color with your fabric and match the nylon coil color with your purse hardware! The coil is size #5, which works great in handbags, backpacks, totes, laptop carriers, and other bags. I'm all about saving money, time, and materials... which is another reason why I LOVE using zippers by the yard! Cut the length of zipper you need, when you need it, for minimal waste.

Also, use zippers by the yard to create single or double slide zippers of any length, up to 108-inches! Double slide zippers open from the middle out, which is ideal for luggage style bags, bowler bags, handbags, or any other bag you want a double zipper. Because the zipper has nylon teeth, you can easily trim the zipper to your desired length with scissors or a rotary cutter.

In addition, you can sew directly over the nylon zipper teeth with your home sewing machine! :) There is no need to worry about breaking a needle when you’re using these zippers! The wider zipper tape also helps for easy insertion into your project.

How to use Zippers by the Yard

The 12 zipper pulls will not be attached to the zipper tape in the package. You can easily attach the pulls as needed by simply sliding the rounded end (with two openings) onto the end of the tape. Do this by inserting each side of the zipper chain into each side of the pull, and carefully lining up the ends so they are even. Then, slide the pull onto the tape.

I recommend to mark the desired length of your zipper, then stay stitch each end before cutting. Zippers by the yard are very easy to use, so I encourage you to give them a try! 

With a bit of practice, you’ll realize just how easy they are to use! 

Thanks for reading, and happy sewing!

Jess from Sallie Tomato 

P.S. If you enjoy my patterns, hardware, cork fabric, and supplies, let your local fabric shop know that I sell wholesale to Checker as well as teach classes! Thank you for your continued support and for your love of sewing!

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