How to Use a Border Print on the Molly Bag

How to Use a Border Print on the Molly Bag

This blog post was inspired by our May Priceless Kit of the Month! For May's kit, we choose to feature a border print from Ruby Star Society's Tiger Fly Collection on the Molly Bag Pattern

The challenge was to get this STUNNING border to "sit" along the bottom edge of the bag (since the Front and Back panels wrap to the bottom). I'm obsessed with the end results! This pattern is perfect for featuring large prints like this.

In order for the border print to sit along the bottom edge of the Front and Back panels, you’ll need to piece the fabric.

INSTEAD of cutting (2) 13-1/2” by 16-1/2” pieces for Front & Back, CUT (2) 13-1/2” by 12-1/2” with the border print along the bottom (13-1/2”) edge. Also CUT (2) 13-1/2” by 4-1/2” pieces. This step is shown in the left image below.

To assemble the Front panel, with right sides together, align the bottom 13-1/2” edge of the taller piece and one 13-1/2” edge of the shorter piece and sew together with 1/4” seam allowance. This step is show in the center image above.

Press the seam open and repeat to assemble the Back panel, shown in right image above. 

That's it! Simple! After piecing your Front and Back panels, you can continue with the rest of the Molly Bag Pattern as instructed.

Be sure to share pictures of your completed Molly Bag featuring YOUR border print with #sallietomato. We'd love to see your bag!

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