How to Make a Double Slide Zipper

Video: How to Make a Double Slide Zipper

zippers by the yard

Ever wonder how to make a double slide zipper, or luggage style zipper?

It's very easy to do using zippers by the yard!  

Check out my latest tutorial video to learn a stress-free technique for making double slide zippers!

Watch the Tutorial Video Here!

If you’re completely new to using Zippers by the Yard, I recommend you check out the FREE printable I’ve created for you with all of the steps and tips for working with zippers by the yard. Be sure to download a copy below to keep handy in your sewing room.

What’s unique about Sallie Tomato Zippers by the Yard is they appear to look like metal, but they actually aren’t! These zippers have a nylon coil with a metallic finish, which makes them easy to cut and sew.

Choose from five coil colors to match your purse hardware: nickel, light gold, antique, gunmetal, and rose gold. Also, choose from a variety of tape colors to coordinate with your fabric!

The coil is size #5, which is ideal for handbags, backpacks, totes, laptop carriers, or they’re even fun for exposed zippers on garments!

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy the tutorial and conquer your fear of zippers by the yard!

Jess from Sallie Tomato

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