Y2K Pattern Hack: Ginger!

Y2K Pattern Hack: Ginger!

Create a Stylish Belt Buckle Closure for your next Ginger bag! Use your purchased Ginger Pattern along with the following modifications to the Cutting Instructions and Sewing Instructions.  The kit is sold HERE! See the pattern hack here!

Let’s Get Started!


Follow the Ginger Pattern instructions, the Hack modifications are noted below by page number: then section: followed by step.

Page 1: PREPARE FLAP: after step 4: assemble Flap Strap following these next steps: 


  1. On WS of one Flap Strap, trace outer edge of the ‘Belt Hole Strap’ pattern template. From edge to edge at one end. Trim corners following the marked lines.

  1. With WST, center one shaped Flap Strap on one unshaped Piece, aligning long edges. Topstitch 1/8" from all edges of shaped Flap Strap. 

  1. Trim bottom layer of Flap Strap even with shaped top layer. Punch (3) holes, centered along the length, beginning 7/8" in from shaped end and spaced 1" apart.

  1. With RSU, center Flap Strap on Ginger Flap, aligning raw edges. Baste in place with 1/8" allowance. 


  1. With RSU, add one Contrast Corner Applique to each bottom corner of the Front Bottom Panel, aligning curved corners and dart cut-outs. Topstitch with 1/8" allowance.

Page 2: ASSEMBLE THE ZIPPER POCKET: after step 4:


  1. Fold Contrast Buckle Strap Loop in half lengthwise. Topstitch both long edges with 1/8" seam allowance. 


  1. On WS of one Contrast Buckle Connector, position the Flap Strap template on short ends. Trace the outer edge of the template from edge to edge (a). Trim corners following the marked lines (b). 

  1. On WS of Buckle Connector, mark 2" in from both short ends and 1/2" in from each long edge to create a box. Cut away the box, measuring 1" wide and 1/4" high.


Please note that if you’re using different buckle hardware, you’ll need to adjust your measurements, so the box-shaped cut-out still measures 1" by 1/4".

  1. Mark a vertical line 3/4" in from each short end, using a removable pen or chalk. Topstitch 1/8" from both long sides of Connector beginning and ending at the vertical lines. Also, topstitch 1/8" from the cut-out opening. 

  1. On RS of Connector, mark a line 1" in from one short end. 

  1. Overlap ends of one Buckle Loop, forming an oval (a). Position the oval inside the marked line on WS of Piece H. Topstitch the overlapped ends in place (b). 


  1. Thread one Connector over a buckle and through Buckle Strap (Loop). Fold Connector in half, WST, meeting the short ends. Repeat for remaining Connectors and buckles.

  1. Position the Connector centered with the fold 1/2" below the Front Zipper. Hold in place with basting tape. Move the pocket fabric up and away from the zipper.

  1. Topstitch 1/8" from raw edges and along the marked line to form a stitched half-circle, being careful to not catch the pocket fabric in the stitching. Smooth the pocket fabric back into place.

Page 3: CREATE DARTS: before step 1:

  1. With RSU, add remaining Contrast Corner Appliques to opposite bottom corners of Back Bottom Panel, aligning curved corners and dart cut-outs. Topstitch with 1/8" allowance.

Pattern Hack


We hope you enjoy this new pattern hack! If you decide to try it out, post a picture and tag us @sallietomatopatterns! We can't wait to see what you create! :) Have a sewtastic day! 


  • Janet Perc

    I have made several Ginger Bags and love that you included this hack. The addition of the corner pieces adds to the look. It would be nice to see this hack as well.

  • Yanna Michaelides

    Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. I was a tester of this pattern. It is a fun quick project full of possibilities. No limits on color combinations. A maker can easily make multiple of these as it is so so easy to remember the steps. Congratulations Sallie Tomato.

  • Doreen

    Thank you

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