FREE Sewing Machine Cake Topper Pattern | Use Cork Fabric or Faux Leather

FREE Sewing Machine Cake Topper Pattern | Use Cork Fabric or Faux Leather

This pattern is perfect for sewing-theme parties, retreats, classes, and other celebrations! Create either a vintage or modern sewing machine cake topper for your next event! Quite literally "top off" your beautiful cake to make it even more personal.

The FREE pattern download for this Sewing Machine Cake Topper is available right here!
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1. Gather supplies and cut out pieces according to the pattern. Choose between two sewing machine styles: vintage or modern. Make sure to cut one of the two pieces by flipping the pattern template.


2. Cut scraps of heavy-weight stabilizer to fit within the edges of one Sewing Machine Topper Piece. Leave about 1/4" of fabric from the outer edges to the stabilizer edge. Use permanent glue or hot glue to adhere each piece of stabilizer to the wrong side of one topper piece. 
3. Apply glue to the top 1" of the popsicle stick. Center the top edge of the stick against the wrong side of the same topper piece.
4. Apply glue over stabilizer, top of popsicle stick, and remaining fabric on the wrong side of the same topper piece.
5. With wrong sides together, align all edges of the remaining topper piece over the glue and press down to adhere in place. Apply extra glue between the layers along the edges and squeeze or clip outer edges together to seal and hide the wrong side if needed. 
I hope you enjoyed this simple, 5-step, no-sew project and have a wonderful party!
- Jess from Sallie Tomato
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