FREE PATTERN | Fun & Easy Coastal Holiday Wreath - Christmas in July Series, Day 3

FREE PATTERN | Fun & Easy Coastal Holiday Wreath - Christmas in July Series, Day 3

Wreaths can decorate your favorite spaces anytime of year, highlighting every imaginable theme. Here at Sallie Tomato, we love coastal colors and decor. What better way is there to celebrate Christmas in July than with a beach inspired wreath! 

Create the sparkle of water and waves with a Sequin Wrap. Add Cork Fabric Appliques, which are evocative of the shells and leaves you might find along a seaside stroll. Then complete your wreath with a sequin bow.

Minimal sewing is ideal for a beginner sewist; most of the assembly is craft glued, which makes this project a fun and easy to create! Complete this unique wreath during a sun-kissed afternoon.

Share fond sea and lakeshore memories with family or friends and enjoy a summer celebration! Thank you to Renee' Kapitanski for designing this Coastal Wreath!

FINISHED SIZE: 12"-14" diameter

FEATURES: easy sewing | applique embellishment 


  • Main Fabric: Sequin fabric by the yard
  • Contrast Fabrics: Cork fabric


  • Main Fabric -  wreath wrap
    • 48" wide - 15” or 1/2 yard
  • Contrast Fabrics - appliques
    • 25" wide - 3" of 3-4 different selections
  • 12"-14" grapevine wreath

Helpful Notions: 40 wt. polyester thread, permanent craft glue (such as E6000 or Fabri-tac glue) or hot glue gun/glue sticks, and sewing clips


Measure and cut the following pieces listed below.

  • Main Fabric
    • Cut (3) 3-1/2" by 48” for Sequin  Wrap
    • Cut (1) 4" by 48" for Bow
  • Contrast Fabrics


1. With Right Sides Together, align the short ends of two Sequin Wrap pieces. Sew one pair of  aligned short ends with 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat, attaching the remaining Sequin Wrap piece to one end, creating a long length.

2. Fold over a 1/2" hem, Wrong Sides Together, along both long edges of the Sequin Wrap. Topstitch each hem with a 3/8" allowance.

3. With Right Side Up, thread one short end of the Sequin Wrap into the back of the grapevine wreath. Hold in place with permanent glue or hot glue.

4. Bring the Sequin Wrap to the front of the wreath and continue wrapping, spacing the Sequin Wrap so the grapevines show between each wrap. (The Sequin Wrap may be a little longer, depending on the size of the wreath and number of wraps.)

5. With the Sequin Wrap brought to the back of the wreath, weave the Wrap end in and secure with permanent glue or hot glue. Cut away the excess Sequin Wrap end, if needed.

6. Arrange cut out appliques as desired on the front of the wreath  and glue in place with permanent or hot glue.

Continue with the following steps to create an optional bow.

1. Fold over a 1/4" hem allowance to the Wrong Side on each long edge of the Bow piece.

2. With Right Sides Together, align the raw edges of the short ends, then sew together with a 1/4" seam allowance, forming a tube. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

3. Fold the fabric tube in half, Wrong Sides Together, hem edges aligned and the short seam positioned at the center, (between opposite folded edges of the tube). Hold the aligned hem edges together with sewing clips.

4. Beginning at one fold edge, baste along the center, through both layers to the opposite fold edge. Leave 3"–4" long thread tails at the beginning and end and  do not backstitch.

Tip: Position a seam guide or 3" piece of painter’s tape 1-3/4" to the right of your sewing machine needle to easily keep your basting centered and parallel to the hemmed edges. Another option is hand-sew an easy running stitch, centered between the aligned hem edges.

5. To gather the bow, GENTLY pull one thread, alternately from opposite ends, and sliding the fabric towards the center with your fingers.  The gathered Bow piece should measure about 8" long.

6. Securely tie the thread ends together with a knot, forming a donut shape.

It’s okay if the layers accidentally twist, that actually makes an even prettier bow! 

7. Arrange your Bow with graceful folds, then apply hot glue and place on your Coastal Wreath!

We hope you enjoy your new, festive wreath! Share photos of your completed project using #sallietomato and #diycoastalwreath in the Sallie Tomato Patterns & Hardware Group on Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites. I hope you enjoyed this pattern! For additional help, visit or email

Renee from Sallie Tomato

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