Free Pattern | Cork Fringed Table Runner with Applique

Free Pattern | Cork Fringed Table Runner with Applique

A table runner is an easy accessory that fits many table sizes or styles and it can become the base for an entire table setting! This project has minimal sewing which is ideal for a beginner sewist, when using a printed canvas fabric and cork or faux leather fabrics. Try easy applique by adding decorative bands, cut from narrow strips of cork.

Download the Free Fringed Table Runner Pattern with Cutting Instructions and Template here:


1. Zigzag or overlock stitch both short ends to prevent fraying.

2. With Wrong Side Up, press each long table runner edge up 1/2", using a Hot Ruler or Hot Hemmer. Repeat pressing each long side so the raw edge is encased between the layers. Topstitch 3/8" from the fold edge.

3. On the Wrong Side of each Fringe piece, mark 3/4" in from one long edge. Cut 1/4" fringe (or 1/8" if you prefer finer fringe) up to the marked line.

4. Add basting tape or glue to the Wrong Side along the top edge of the Fringe pieces.

5. With Wrong Sides Up, align the short zigzag end of the Table Runner to the 3/4" line on the Fringe piece. Press in place with your fingers. Topstitch on the Right Side, 1/8" away from the Fringe cuts and raw edges.

6. Optional: On the Wrong Side of the 2-1/2" Contrast Strip, position and trace the design templates along the width of each piece. Cut out the applique' and position them on the Right Side of the Table Runner. Have fun! Use the cut-out shapes to create new designs. Use a rotary punch or hole cutter to add perfect circle cut-outs. Cut 1/4" by 16" strips to add between the decorative appliques. Use basting spray, tape or glue to hold the strips in place. Topstitch along the raw edges with 1/8" allowance.

Set your table, inspired by Jess's table scaping tutorial here!

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I hope you enjoyed this project, and have a creative day!

Kate from Sallie Tomato

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