FREE Easy Party Hats Pattern | Use Cork Fabric or Faux Leather

FREE Easy Party Hats Pattern | Use Cork Fabric or Faux Leather

The festivities officially begin when you sport your party spirit with these easy-to-sew Cork Fabric Party Hats! Give your guests extra-special treatment with party hats you’ve crafted yourself! Cork fabric makes these party hats unique and durable. Select eye-catching cork fabrics to make each party hat one-of-kind (each party guest has their own hat)!
Add some fun flair with tassel-top, or enjoy a cute "poof" using our NEW mini mesh fabric - the choice is yours! Either way, you won't look a day over fabulous with this festive hats! 

This project, has minimal to no sewing, which is ideal for a beginner sewist or crafter.

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1. On the Right Side of the Party Hat, mark a line 3/8" in from the shortest angled raw edge for an allowance, using a removable pen or chalk.

2. Optional: Add extra embellishments by sewing or gluing purchased trims, such as rick rack, fringe, or faux fur to the curved edge of the hat. End the embellishment at the marked line.

3. Fold the allowance edge of the hat, Wrong Sides Together, and apply permanent glue to the Right Side of the allowance (a). With Right Sides Up, align the adjacent long  angled edge to the marked allowance line, covering the glue (b). Press in place with your fingers and hold ends together with sewing clips (c).

4. Optional: Attach an elastic chin band. Fold the elastic in half, Wrong Sides Together, meeting long edges. Optional: sew the aligned edges together with a narrow zigzag stitch while stretching the elastic (a). Attach one elastic end to the Wrong Side of the hat at the overlap seam with several zigzag stitches (b). Attach the remaining elastic end directly across from the seam of the hat (c).
5. Optional: Install a small rivet, at each elastic end, helping secure the layers.
6. Add a tassel top using the 3" by 3" square. Mark a horizontal line 1/2" down from the top edge on the Wrong Side (a). Mark and cut vertical lines spaced 1/4" apart (or 1/8" apart, if you prefer finer fringe), up to the 1/2" mark (b). With Right Sides Together, tightly wrap (or roll) and glue the tassel to itself (c). Snip off the tip of the party hat to insert the tassel into the hat (d). Glue the tassel in place from the inside of the hat (e).

7. Make a pom pom using the 3" by 12" rectangle of Mini Mesh. With Right Sides Together, align the edges of the short ends, then sew together with a 1/4" seam allowance, forming a tube. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam (a). Fold the fabric tube in half, Wrong Sides Together, “long” edges aligned and the short seam positioned at the center, (between opposite long edges of the tube). Hold the aligned long edges together with sewing clips (b). Beginning at one fold edge, baste along the center, through both layers to the opposite fold edge. Leave 3"–4" long thread tails at the beginning and end and do not backstitch (c).
Tip: Position a seam guide or 3” piece of painter’s tape 1-1/2" to the right of your sewing machine needle to easily keep your basting centered and parallel to the hemmed edges. Another option is hand-sew an easy running stitch, centered between the aligned long edges.

8. To gather the pom pom, GENTLY pull one thread, alternately from opposite ends, and sliding the fabric towards the center with your fingers.  Then gather the Pom Pom piece as narrow as you can, about 1-1/2" long (d). Securely tie the thread ends together with a knot, forming a tight donut shape. Trim the thread tails short. Apply glue to the tip of your Party Hat and place on the pom pom donut onto the glue (e). It’s party time!

Enjoy and have a wonderful party!

Kate from Sallie Tomato

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