FREE Crystal Napkin Rings Pattern | Use Cork Fabric or Faux Leather

FREE Crystal Napkin Rings Pattern | Use Cork Fabric or Faux Leather

Napkin rings can be a single, luxury decoration to your table setting or they can become a sparkling addition to the entire tablescape! This project has minimal sewing which is ideal for a beginner sewist, and a great choice for cork and faux leather fabrics.

crystal napkin rings

Check out our inspirational Birthday Bash table setting tutorial using this pattern!

FINISHED SIZE: 1-1/2" by 8"

FEATURES: easy to sew | single fabric | unique closure

RECOMMENDED FABRICS: Main Fabric - cork, faux leather, or other fabric that doesn’t fray


  • Main Fabric25" wide - 3" or 1/8 yard
  • (2) Crystal Turnlocks - STS235x - available in nickel (S), gold (G), antique (A), gunmetal (B), and rose gold (C)
  • Sew-in Foam - turn lock support - Scraps - 1-1/2" by 1-1/2" squares
  • Helpful Notions - 40 wt. polyester thread, sewing clips, removable pen or chalk, scissor, seam ripper, basting tape, glue or spray, permanent craft glue

CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS (WIDTH x HEIGHT): Measure and cut the following pieces listed below.

Main Fabric: Cut (4) 8"  by 2" rectangles (for two Napkin Rings)



1. Position a  large spool of thread in each corner of a Main Fabric rectangle. Trace the outer edge of the spool from edge to edge. Cut along the marked line to round the corners. Repeat, to shape a second rectangle.

crystal napkin ring


2. Install one turn unit, centered and 1" in from one shaped end of a Main Fabric napkin ring piece. Add a square of sew-in foam under the washer to help support the hardware (round the corners of the foam, if desired). For easier topstitching in a later step, press the turn unit prongs toward the center of the hardware.
crystal napkin ring

3. Repeat the steps to attach the second turn unit to the remaining shaped napkin ring. 


4. Shape two adjacent corners of a sew-in foam square, using a small spool of thread. Place the  square of foam, centered and 1/4" in from one Wrong Side  end of a Main Fabric rectangle. 

crystal napkin ring
5. With Wrong Sides Together, place a shaped napkin ring on one rectangle. Position the turn lock end opposite of the square of foam.  Use basting spray, glue, tape, or sewing clips to hold the layers together.
crystal napkin ring
6. Following the shaped piece, topstitch along the aligned raw edges of the napkin ring with 1/8" allowance, using a stitch length of 3.5-4.0mm. 

Try using a zipper foot or teflon foot for smoother stitching. Topstitch carefully near the installed hardware.

crystal napkin ring

7. Repeat the steps to assemble the second napkin ring, using the remaining Main Fabric shaped napkin ring and rectangle. Trim the Wrong Side rectangles even with the Right Side shaped fabric layers. 

crystal napkin ring


8. Mark and install the plate unit on the Right Side of the Napkin Ring, centered and 1" in from the shaped end (the outer edge of the plate unit is 1/8" in from the topstitching). 

crystal napkin ring

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for a video tutorial on installing this hardware!
Enjoy and have a great making day!
Kate from Sallie Tomato
crystal napkin rings
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