Exploring the Rainbow Quilt Color Method in Bag Making and Patchwork

Exploring the Rainbow Quilt Color Method in Bag Making and Patchwork

There's something truly magical about the interplay of colors. Each hue holds its own energy and mood. As an admirer of color theory and an avid bag maker, I was inspired by Sarah Thomas's new book, Rainbow Quilt Color Method, and would like to share a book review, along with some ideas on how to incorporate her tips and projects into bag making!

Upon paging through the book, I was greeted by a kaleidoscope of hues. I enjoyed reading about Sarah's deep understanding of color theory and how it was seamlessly woven into the book. Sarah's sweet and playful personality shined through each of the pages, and I felt like I was having a cheerful conversion with her!

Her methods and patterns are very approachable for anyone who is looking to add a little more joy through color into their sewing projects! One of my key takeaways from the book is that it isn't about throwing together random colors; it's about understanding the relationships between colors, the way they complement or contrast each other, and the emotions they evoke.

As Sarah says in her book, "Use the color wheel and the rainbow method as a road map to pick and choose which routes work for you to get to your destination."

But beyond the foundational knowledge of color theory and quilting techniques, the book includes detailed instructions, accompanied by beautiful visuals, for 15 projects. Whether you're crafting a tote bag, a pouch, or a quilted masterpiece, the Rainbow Quilt Color Method is a great resource for creating gorgeous blocks, which can be incorporated into bag making with a few simple steps.

If you're interested in adding a dose of color in your next bag project, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Sarah's book. Whether you're making a tote, a backpack, or a clutch, incorporating rainbow quilt blocks into your bag patterns is sure to elevate your mood and flaunt your quilty-style!

Here are some tips for incorporating Sarah's rainbow quilt blocks into bag making!

  1. Plan Your Design: Consider where you want to place your rainbow quilt block on the bag – will it be front and center or used as a pocket or accent panel? You'll also want to consider the size and shape of your bag when selecting a block pattern, ensuring that it will fit within the bag dimensions and/or templates.

  2. Piece Your Blocks: With your design and block pattern chosen, it's time to start piecing your rainbow quilt block. Take your time to accurately piece together each block, paying close attention to color placement and seam allowances. Press your seams open to ensure crisp, clean lines.

  3. Incorporate Into Your Bag Pattern: Once your rainbow quilt block is pieced, it's time to incorporate it into your bag pattern. Depending on your design, you may need to adjust the dimensions of the bag pattern to accommodate the blocks. Consider adding borders or sashing between blocks to frame them and tie the design together.

  4. Finishing Touches: For most bag designs, we recommend to fuse a lightweight woven interfacing to the wrong side of your finished quilt block panel to ensure durability and stability.

I've gathered a list of patterns that would work well for showcasing rainbow quilt blocks. 

Loominous Quilt Block with Burkett Drawstring Backpack

This pattern is extremely versatile and easy to adjust the finished size of the block by adding or removing squares to fit your bag panel. For this inspiration, I chose to feature our Burkett Backpack Pattern. This bag would be fun to take to the farmer's market, vacations, or even to send along with a student to school. 

Star Blossom Quilt Block with Audrey Crossbody Tote

Feature one blossom block from the Star Blossom Quilt Pattern on the Audrey Tote, omitting the zipper pocket and metal handles to ensure the block is featured in the center spotlight! The Audrey tote finishes 14" wide, which is the perfect size for one blossom block.

Ribbon Candy Quilt Block with Hamilton Duffle Bag

The Hamilton Duffle finishes 20-1/2" high, which is the perfect size for one block from the Ribbon Candy Quilt Pattern. You'll need to add on additional border fabric and trim the block to the Front and Back Panel size before construction. This pattern is currently exclusive to Missouri Star Quilt Company!

Twinkle Quilt Block with Aurora Shoulder Bag

The Aurora shoulder tote finishes 15-14" wide, which is the perfect size for one block from the Twinkle Quilt Pattern. You'll need to add on additional border fabric and trim the block to the Front and Back Panel size before construction. Featuring this eye-catching star on the front of the tote will level up the edgy appearance of this bag design.

There is always something new to learn: whether it's experimenting with different color combinations, playing with shades and tints, or understanding the impact of color placement. I hope you'll snag a copy of Sarah's incredible book and embrace the celebration of the full spectrum of colors in your next bag project.  Endless possibilities await you!

To follow along with the rest of Sarah's book tour, see the details below! 

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