DIY Wrapped Ruler Bracelet from Faux Leather or Cork Fabric

DIY Wrapped Ruler Bracelet from Faux Leather or Cork Fabric

Not only does this bracelet look like a piece of boutique jewelry, but it's functional. Always have a ruler on hand when you wear this bracelet, which easily unwraps so you can conveniently take a short measure when you need to. The finished size of the bracelet is 1/2" wide by 25" long, which fits around the wrist with 3-5 wraps (depending on wrist size).

Making jewelry is a great way to use up odds and ends of purse hardware or fabric from your stash, or even grab bag materials. Using hardware and fabric in new ways begins to unravel endless possibilities! This project has a no-sew option or minimal sewing, which makes it ideal for beginners!

Today's project features Faux Leather and Short Stud Buttons to make a statement bracelet you can actually see yourself wearing! It's trendy, it's chic, and a fun piece to show off your love of sewing. Let's get started!



  1. With wrong sides together align all edges of your Bracelet pieces.

- For the no-sew option, apply permanent fabric glue to the wrong side between the pieces to secure them together.

- For the sewing option, hold the pieces together with sewing clips or basting tape. Topstitch 1/8" from all edges to secure pieces together. 

  1. By using the measurements on a ruler or cutting mat as a guide, draw the hash marks and numbers along one length side edge of your Bracelet. If desired, rotate your Bracelet 180 degrees and mark another set of measurements along the opposite length side edge. 

I recommend aligning the short end of your Bracelet at zero on a cutting mat, and using washi tape to hold it in place while you draw on the markings. This method is much easier since a ruler can shift as you draw.

  1. Use a rotary punch to punch a hole center about 1/2" in from the short end of the Bracelet with the lowest measurement. Use a scissors to cut a 1/4" long slit next to the hole, parallel to the length. 

Before punching in the hole, you may want to test fit your bracelet to see how many times it wraps around your wrist and adjust where you'd like the hole punched. Also, you may want to trim the end with the highest measurement to fit comfortably. If you trim the Bracelet, be sure to topstitch 1/8" from the cut end.

  1. Install a stud button centered about 1/2" in from the short end of the Bracelet with the highest measurement. View a video tutorial on how to install this hardware below!

That's it - your bracelet is complete! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will try your hand at making jewelry with scraps and purse hardware! Share your creations in our Facebook Group and with #sallietomatohardware

- Jess from Sallie Tomato

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