DIY Textured Loop Strap Connectors Tutorial

DIY Textured Loop Strap Connectors Tutorial

I've provided Free PDF Instructions, a Picture Tutorial, and a Video Tutorial for you to learn how to quickly and easily install gorgeous, professional-looking strap connectors in any bag pattern.  I hope you enjoy these tutorials and learn something useful to use in your own bag making.

Picture Tutorial

strap connector According to the connector placement on your pattern, mark the four prongs of the connector on your project.
strap connector Additionally, mark the four prongs of the connector, centered on each piece of Peltex.
strap connector Use a small scissors to cut a short slit for each prong placement mark on your project and Peltex. Use a seam ripper to help get started if needed.
strap connector Apply fray stopping liquid or fabric glue to the slits.
strap connector Insert the prongs of the connector through the slits in your project, from the right side to the wrong side.
strap connector On the wrong side, add the Peltex over the prongs.
strap connector Bend all prongs away from the center of the connector.
strap connector If desired, fuse a scrap of light weight woven interfacing over the connector on the wrong side, large enough to cover the prongs and Peltex (approximately 3” by 6”).
strap connector Your connector is secured and ready to use!

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