DIY Sequins Table Runner | FREE PATTERN | Beginner-Friendly

DIY Sequins Table Runner | FREE PATTERN | Beginner-Friendly


Table runners can be a single, main decoration to your table or they can become the base that you build your table setting on! They protect a table or counter surface, while looking great at the same time. 

This pattern has minimal sewing, which is ideal for a beginner sewist, and a great choice for sequin fabrics! A single fabric can inspire a whole tablescape theme: Jess chose our black sequin fabric for her table runner to create mood. Shop our selection of sequins fabrics here!

Here are the pattern details before we get started:

  • Finished Size: 16" by 44"
  • Recommended Fabrics: sequin, canvas, or linen
  • Yardage48" wide by 1/2 yard
  • Helpful Notions: 40 wt. polyester thread, pins or Clover Wonder Clips, scissors, basting tape, Hot Hemmer or Hot Ruler


Cut (1) 18" by 48” rectangle (or width of fabric) for Table Runner


For additional tips on sequins fabric, please refer to Jess’s blog post How to Sew with Sequins Fabrics, dated Oct. 14, 2021.


1. Measure 2" from corners along each side. Draw a line between adjacent side marks, then trim off the corners, following each line. (Photo 1a–1b)

Cutting off the corners helps reduce bulk for the following steps.

diy sequin table runner


2. With Wrong Side Up, finger press (or press non-sequin fabric) each table runner edge up 1" using a Hot Hemmer or Hot Ruler.

The texture of the Hot Hemmer or Hot Ruler helps hold sequin fabric, even when you aren’t using an iron.

3. Repeat pressing each side so the raw edge is encased between the layers. (Photo 2a, 2b, and 2c)

For sequin fabric use basting tape and pins instead of an iron to hold the hems in place. 

diy sequin table runner

4. Optional: Unfold a corner, then refold, following the angle cut corner to distribute the bulk of the corner hems.


5. Topstitch along the interior fold of the hem with 1/8" allowance, using a stitch length of 3.0-3.5mm. (Photo 3)

diy sequin table runner

Be sure to watch Jess’s tablescaping using a sequin table runner here on our YouTube Channel. Add a bit of the night sky as you entertain with the twinkle of a sequin runner!

Enjoy and have a great making day!

Kate from Sallie Tomato

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