DIY Easy Wooden Poster Hanger (made with free stuff!)

DIY Easy Wooden Poster Hanger (made with free stuff!)

Create a simple wooden Poster Hanger on a budget and get a high-end look, for pennies! This project is a great way to use up leftover paint sticks and twine you likely have laying around your house.

Hang 8” by 10” photos or posters and create a stunning gallery to feature in your entryway, bathroom, bedroom, craft room, or anywhere in your home! Quickly make a last-minute heartwarming set to gift at a baby shower, birthday, wedding, graduation or any occasion.

This is a no-sew project which can be completed in minutes after the stain or paint is dry. Let’s get started!


  • (4) Paint Sticks
  • Hand Saw or Miter Saw 
  • Wood Stain or Craft Paint
  • 14” of Twine or Ribbon
  • 8” x 10” Photo or Poster
  • Hot Glue 
  • Optional: (4) sets of Small Magnets (found at the Dollar Tree or craft stores) Magnetics will allow you to swap out photos or posters, otherwise this project will have the Hanger permanently attached.


  1. Using a handsaw or miter saw, trim off curved ends of Paint Sticks so each Paint Stick measures 8” long (or 8-1/2” to 9” depending on Paint Stick and if you want the Hanger to extend past edges of poster or picture). 

  1. Apply desired wood stain or craft paint to both sides and all edges of each Paint Stick. Let dry thoroughly before applying to the opposite side and assembling your Hanger.

    1. Glue each end of the Twine or Ribbon to the inside, opposite ends of the top, back Paint Stick.
    1. Optional: Glue attracting magnets to the inside, opposite ends of each Paint Stick, making sure magnets are positioned about 2” in from each end. Then, place the poster or picture between the Hanger pieces. Hang from twine as desired!
    2. If not using magnetics, place the poster or picture between Hanger pieces. Apply hot glue to hold all pieces together.   

    I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial and will make many Poster Hangers to enjoy! Tutorials like this help inspire fresh ways to use things you may have otherwise thrown away. Have a creative day!

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