DIY Bath Mat Tutorial

DIY Bath Mat Tutorial

Decorate your home and create your own home spa experience with a handmade Bath Mat. This project is designed to be soft, comfortable, and airy. You’ll enjoy how simple this project is to make, and that you can add your own quilting detail to match your style. This bath mat will be a soothing addition to any home. This project pairs well with our Free Bath Mat, Eye Mask, and Mesh Scrubbie Projects!

Today's project features Air Mesh, which is a light and airy foam layered between 100% cotton mesh. This material is breathable to maximize comfort and minimize drying time. This project also features a top layer of Terry Cloth, a soft absorbent fabric, and a bottom layer of Utility Grip to prevent sliding. All of these materials are machine washable, so you can easily wash your Bath Mat in cold water and air dry to keep it fresh and clean. The finished size of this Bath Mat is 34" wide by 21” high. Let’s get started!

Free! Bath Mat Instant Download – Sallie Tomato


  • Main Fabric: Terry Cloth, Waffle Terry, Ribbed Terry, or Store-Bought Towel
  • Accent Fabric: Quilt Cotton
  • Lining Fabric: Utility Grip
  • Interfacing: Air Mesh or Sew-In Foam
  • Scissors
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • 40wt Polyester Thread
  • Sewing Clips
  • Pins
  • Chalk or Removable Pen
  • Basting Spray
  • Stiletto 


  1. Place the Utility Grip on your work surface with the wrong side facing up. Then, layer the Air Mesh or Foam. Next, layer the Main Fabric with the right side up. Apply basting spray between the layers to hold them together. Add sewing clips around the outer edges for extra security. 

  1. Mark your desired quilting lines with chalk or a removable pen. I measured 4” in from each edge to mark the border. Then I drew lines 3/4” apart within each border for a classic, quilted look. 

Search online or on Pinterest for other styles such as bohemian or modern quilting designs! This is only a small project (unlike an entire quilt!) so have fun with it and experiment with designs you might not otherwise try! 

  1. Topstitch along the quilting lines with a 3mm stitch length. 
  1. Add binding as desired, or follow my tutorial here for an easy, double-fold binding technique! 

I hope you enjoyed this easy project, and if you decide to make it, tag us @sallietomatopatterns so we can see too! What other accessories could you use Air Mesh for? The possibilities are endless! Let us know if you have any project requests in the comments below! 

Have a creative day!


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