DIY Candy Swirl Cane Ornaments!

DIY Candy Swirl Cane Ornaments!

Create fun, candy inspired ornaments (super sweet with no calories), for delicious holiday decorating! This is a perfect, crafty project to upcycle small scraps of cork fabrics and empty packaging materials. Get the free pattern here


  1. Transfer or copy Swirl markings from Pattern Piece B onto the Wrong Side of Contrast Fabric Piece B. Cut on marked lines to make 10 Swirl pieces. 

  1. With Right Sides Up, position (5) Contrast Fabric Piece B Swirls evenly spaced on each Main Fabric Piece A Base for Front and Back. Align outer curved edges. Hold the Swirls in place with basting tape, glue, or sewing clips. 

  1. Topstitch 1/8" (3mm) from the inside curved edges of each Swirl piece. 



  1. Fold Hanging Loop in half, meeting short cut ends.

  1. On the Wrong Side of Piece A Base Back, glue or tape Hanging Loop ends 3/4" in from curved outer edge. 



  1. With Wrong Sides Together, align outer curved edges of Base Pieces A (Front and Back). Off-set the position of Swirls to distribute bulk.  Hold the layers together with basting tape or spray, glue, or sewing clips.

  1. Topstitch 1/8" from raw edge.



  1. Trim away the sealing strip from the hardware bag. Cut open the opposite fold end of the bag.


  1. Insert the ornament into the plastic tube, allowing the hanging loop to extend out of one open end. Gather or twist each end and secure with a jump ring or staple. Or wrap and twist the clear plastic piece around the ornament, securing twisted ends with jump rings or staples. Optional: add a bit of permanent glue to securely hold the jump rings in place.


Create a large collection of candies for decorating holiday trees, packages, or table settings! Or, create smaller sets to give as gifts. Wishing you a Sweet Holiday Season, from all of us at Sallie Tomato!

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