How to Use Interfacing and Stabilizers for Bag Making

How to Use Interfacing and Stabilizers for Bag Making

Sallie Tomato prides itself on being your one stop shop for quality sewing and bag making supplies. We offer a variety of Bosal Interfacings and Stabilizers (which are made in the USA) that can be used for a variety of different sewing projects. Be sure to check out what we carry here

Bosal offers a wide range of interfacing sizes - making them easier to use across a wide range of projects. Interfacing can be either sew-in or fusible, both of which are available in woven, knitted and non-woven versions. You can shop various weights, too!

Instructions for each of these interfacings are available for download on Bosal's website but we've included them in this post for your convenience. 

CRAF-TEX (Heavy Stabilizer)

This product is used in our Bucket Bag and Kayte Bag. 

There are 3 types of Bosal Craf-Tex Stabilizers:

  • Craf-Tex is a heavyweight, stiff, sew-in stabilizer for handbags, craft, fabric boxes, bowl, accessories, place mats and costumes. 100% Polyester.
  • Craft-Tex Lite is a medium weight, sew-in stabilizer for millinery, crafts, accessories and costumes. 100% Polyester.
  • Craf-Tex Plus is a heavyweight, stiff, fusible stabilizer for handbags, crafts, fabric boxes and costumes. Available in single-sided and double-sided versions. 100% Polyester.

General Instructions for Craf-Tex Stabilizers:

  1. Cut CRAF-TEX or CRAF-TEX Lite as necessary for your project. 
  2. Place stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabric to be fused. 
  3. Cover with a damp press cloth. Set iron on low/perm press setting. Press firmly for up to 10 seconds to fuse in place. Repeat, lifting and slightly overlapping iron until all interfacing is fused. 
  4. Let fabric cool, then check bond. Use steam iron with metal sole plate. Hand-held steamers will not permanently bond interfacing to fabric. 
Other Tips:
  • Can be Machine washed and dried. 
  • Works with any fabric
  • Can be sewn or fused into any project

Shop this product here

In-R-Form (Foam Stabilizer)

Bosal In-R-Form is a Unique Sew-In Foam Laminate Stabilizer. It is laminated to Naped Spun Lace. It is very soft and formable, easy to stitch, and needle friendly. This stabilizer is ideal for handbags. In-R-Form is machine washable. Do not use heat to dry.

There are 3 types of Bosal Craf-Tex Stabilizers:

  • In-R-Form Sew-In is a non-fusible stabilizer
  • In-R-Form Single-Sided Fusible is fusible on one side of the stabilizer
  • In-R-Form Plus is fusible on both sides of the stabilizer

General Instructions for In-R-Form:

  1. Cut In-R-Form as necessary for your project.
  2. Place stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabric to be sewn or fused.
  3. As always when fusing to any fabric, the most important thing to remember is the fabric. In-R-Form can withstand the cotton setting on most irons. Remember, if the fabric is fragile you must use the fabric as your guide, using the appropriate setting on the iron. For fusible product, always place In-R-Form under the fabric being fused; never place a hot iron directly onto the fusible side of In-R-Form.  In the case of double sided In-R-Form, fabric must be placed on both sides of the fusible foam.

Shop Bosal In-R-Form here

This product is used in both our Isla and Kayte Bags. 

Poly Therm Fleece (Heat Reflective Fleece)

This heat reflective fleece is perfect of a variety of home crafting needs: pot holders, oven mitts, tea cozies, wine caddies, lunch boxes, quilts, apparel, stadium blankets, slippers, window covering and much more! White fleece on one side allows for machine or hand quilting with the dimensional effects we love and the silver lining on the other side actually reflects heat back to the source allowing for use in homemade coolers and warmers. Constructed of 100% polyester fleece and 100% polyethylene film.

NOTE: to use as hot mitts or pot holders: a layer of cotton batting is recommended as a shield between the outer fabric and the Poly-Therm Fleece (extreme heat will melt fleece and film)

General Instructions for Poly Therm Fleece:

  1. Cut Poly Therm Fleece as necessary for your project.
  2. Place fleece on the wrong side of the fabric to be sewn.
  3. Must use two layers of Poly Therm Fleece with the heat reflective facing outward.

Other Tips:

  • Two layers on both sides if making an oven mit, two layers facing in either direction to reflect heat.
  • If using to insulate, 1 layer can be used, we recommend two facing inwards for better insulation.
  • 100% cotton batting must be sewn in between both layers to secure proper heat reflective. We recommend Bosal's 100% Katahdin Organic Batting for this use.
  • Machine washable and dry clean, tumble dry low or line dry.
  • No additional chemicals or detergents needed.
  • Make sure your project is dry before using heat.

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This product can be used in our Hudson Bag to make it an insulated lunch box or small cooler. 

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