Authentic Wisconsin Dishes - Around the World Series

Authentic Wisconsin Dishes - Around the World Series

We hope you enjoy this "tasty" part of the Around the World Series! Join us this January as we delve in and discover all parts of the region we're visiting, to better understand the culture! 🌎 This month, you're here with us in America's Dairyland: Wisconsin, USA! We thought we'd your taste buds on an adventure as well, as we go over some popular or traditional Wisconsin dishes!

Since it's Friday, we've GOTTA go over some popular appetizers, main courses, and desserts you might typically encounter in the Midwest!
🧀 Speaking of cheese...let's start with an app: golden-fried, squeaky, rounds of perfection - cheese curds! They are a very popular Midwest snack or appetizer, found pretty much anywhere in Wisconsin!
🐟 For a main course on a Friday night, you might expect to see more deep-fried food, like perch or haddock, for Friday night fish fry's, commonly served with a choice of potato, an additional side, and a roll. Squeeze some lemon over your cripsy-fried fish, and enjoy!
Wisconsin also has a lot of German-influenced recipes, a common one being bratwurst! Beer brats are very common here in Wisconsin, served with all kinds of toppings, like onions and sauerkraut for the ULIMATE flavor! 🌭
And finally, you can't finish off any meal unless you have a nice creamy cup of frozen custard! 🍨 Similar to ice cream, this is a huge dessert served here in the Midwest. Add any toppings you like from cookies, to smaller candies, sinful syrups, or sprinkles...or eat it by itself!
Have you tried any of these popular Midwest dishes?! If so, which one is your favorite? Stay tuned for next month to see what other delicious dishes we will discover on our traveling journey! ✈️
Happy feasting!

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