How To Attach Zipper Pulls To Zippers By The Yard

How To Attach Zipper Pulls To Zippers By The Yard

Everyone loves adding exciting and unique elements to their designs to make them stand out. You're nearly done with your pattern, and it's all finally coming love your fabric choices, you've picked some unique pulls, and have added some other finishing touches you love. But then...panic starts to set in. It's time to add the zippers! "Okay, hold up - I am not ready!" you say. You've tried experimenting with zippers before, but let's face it - it can be extremely intimidating, and even a pain getting them onto your zipper tape! But hold tight, because we think we've got the answers to your zipper prayers!

Sallie Tomato is "sew" happy to introduce to you a very helpful tool, to ensure adding your zipper pulls to your favorite tape colors and sizes is an easy feat. Introducing, the The Zipper Jig!


Invest in this helpful tool today, made by our friends at the Gypsy Quilter. If you've had trouble adding on your zipper pulls to your favorite tape colors by hand, you NEED this tool - it's a lifesaver! This particular brand accommodates stations for two different zipper sizes: #3 & #5 zippers - both of which are available on our site to customize your patterns!

As you can see, this #3 zipper pull fits very snug in its rightful station, which will make adding the tape to this pull a very fast, and easy feat!

Insert your tape ends through the feed of the zipper pull on each side.

Pull through, and VOILA! Your zipper is put together, and your pull is securely fastened! 

If you'd like to see a helpful step-by-step process of using this tool, click here to watch this tutorial on our YouTube Channel, as Kate walks you through how to effortlessly use this tool.

Get yours today on Sallie Tomato's website or right here, available in Bohemian Blue and Gypsy Purple. 


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