Around the World: Your Itinerary Through Belize!

Around the World: Your Itinerary Through Belize!

We've created yet another itinerary for you to enjoy this trip "Around the World" in its entirety! We're still exploring new landmarks together for the rest of the year, so grab your bags! Whether it's a place you've never heard of before, or one of the 7 Wonders of the World, we're going to find out together, and visit iconic destinations every month! 

In the month of May, we've been "visiting" the tropical & tranquil country of Belize - take a look at this lovely itinerary! 

1. Cahal Pech, San Ignacio

Cahal Pech is an ancient Maya site located near the town of San Ignacio. The site was a palatial, hilltop home for an elite Maya family, and though the most major construction dates to the classic period, evidence of continuous habitation has been dated to as far back as 1200 BCE. The earliest pottery in western Belize is found here.

2. Great Blue Hole

This giant marine sinkhole lays off of the coast of Belize. It was formed during several episodes of quaternary glaciation when sea levels were much lower. Analysis of stalactites found in the Great Blue Hole shows that formation took place 153,000, 66,000, 60,000, and 15,000 years ago - wow!  As the ocean began to rise again, the cave was flooded, hence the giant sinkhole.

 3. Altun Ha, Belize

Located close to the Caribbean Sea this historical site holds a lot of neat history of trades. There is a large reservoir that was constructed by the Maya, and lined with a clay bottom to hold water. The archaeological park contains a large selection of flora and fauna typical of lowland tropical forests.

4. Elvi's Kitchen, San Pedro

Mmm, is your tummy rumbling for some delicious grub? Try out this top-rated restaurant with authentic dishes, and amazing scenery! This restaurant serves  pasta, tacos, and wraps, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

5. Shark Ray Alley

Shark Ray Alley is located one mile south of Hol Chan Cut and is listed as “Zone D” of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Once a place where fishermen would clean their catches, this 1,280-acre protected region, has evolved into a top snorkeling location! Safe, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind!

6. Mikado, The Textile Palace, Belize City

Why yes, we found another great sewing spot, situated locally in Belize! Find authentic fabrics, and sew something to remember!

7. The Gallery of San Pedro, San Pedro

The beauty of art is that it's everywhere, and is appreciated by people all over the world. Pick up an authentic piece of artwork made by a local, and send it back home as a sentimental gift to you or your loved ones. You'll always look at it and smile when you return home, thinking of all of your Belize memories!

8. Mayan King Waterfall, Placencia

 Nestled in the mountains of the South East Coast, Maya King Waterfall is one of the most photographed in Belize. Made of two cascading falls, Maya King is a beauty to behold, especially in the ‘rainy’ season when the water gushes over the rocks, nature’s best shower-head! You'll never want to leave this paradise!

As you can see, there is so much to be explored in this gorgeous country of Belize! Take some time out of your busy life, and visit this place in person someday. Adios & gracias for joining us on this "trip" to Belize!

Until next time!

-Maleea from Sallie Tomato

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